We Can’t Play Video Games Anymore

We Can't Play Video Games Anymore

We Can’t Play Video Games Anymore

by Steve Napierski to Comics

Great! Now everyone is going to want to be ghosts.

Seriously though,this comic reminds me of an older Paper Mario comic I did years ago…for obvious reasons.

source: Channelate
  • Xuncu

    If I became a ghost, or otherwise incorporeal: nuclear secrets, and naked sexy chicks. Everyday. And ghost-violating a deep sea monster, because I can.

    • Xuncu

      Colossal Squid: “Oh, goodness, why is my anus suddenly cold and distended?!”

  • thewood

    I would immediately set myself to learning how to be a poltergeist so I could fuck with people and scare the shit out of them.

    • Jarrett

      But that’s how you get…busted