Watch What? [ COMIC ]

It’s understandable to for PC and handheld video game manufacturers to anticipate a loss of revenue from smartphone devices, but I really doubt watch makers would have expected to be hit by this, too. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I owned a watch or was told what time it was by someone else who had just looked at their watch before doing so. Eerie…


  • Anonymous

    Fancy watches are man-jewelery, at least. I know enough people who still wear them, but then I know a lot of old folks. I personally haven’t worn one in a long time.

    Funny that it’s so out of style though. Some kid asked me what the “Save” Icon was supposed to be because they never heard of floppy disks. Soon enough kids won’t know what it means when you tap your wrist either, or at least wonder why people associate it with time.

    • JDavis

      I don’t know about the wrist tapping. Moving your fist in a circular motion is still the universal sign for “roll down your car window” even though I haven’t seen a new car without standard electric windows in over a decade.

  • JDavis

    I’ve never stopped wearing a watch. By the time I got a cellphone, I was in high school, where you weren’t allowed to have your phone out during class (and many teachers insisted on hanging their wall clock behind all the students, so you couldn’t look at it without being obvious). Then college, which was much the same. Now I work in retail, where we’re not allowed to have our phones out while on the clock unless we go in the break room. Plus I wear a calculator watch, so when someone asks me how much something will be with tax, I can quickly give them an exact amount. And I use timer function when I go on my lunch break. Super handy.

    I did notice the whole “cellphones replacing watches” thing as far back as high school, and I always thought it would be awesome if someone made a smart phone in the shape of a pocket watch. Or at least bring back pocket watch chains as a cellphone accessory.

  • Alexander

    I still wear watches all the time. A. I still like some of the designs on them (I have a Baltimore Ravens watch, and plan on buying AT LEAST a couple anime watches). B. I still find looking at even an analog watch more convenient than turning on a digital clock on a cellphone/smartphone. Especially when the clock blends in with the phone’s background image (which I’m not changing, damnit!)

    Watches you can see the time without having to wait for the screen to turn on (albeit, the screens usually don’t take more than a few seconds, at slowest). The only time a phone is more convenient is when it’s too dark out to see the watch without a backlight or when I forget my watch and leave it at home.

  • Usyra

    I’ve never not worn a watch, myself. The only time I ever use my phone to check the time is the rare occasion I need to use it as an alarm clock.

  • Frosty

    But… the girl in the comic is wearing a watch. Or is that another layer of the joke that I missed?

    I still wear a watch. Outside of a wedding ring, it really is the only kind of jewelry that men can wear. I still prefer to use a watch to check the time than a phone. It is just quicker.

  • Painstream

    I made this same joke years ago. YEARS.

  • Lost

    my family’s 21s Bday Gift for Guys is a Good Watch never leave home with out it and my left wrist feels naked with out one on.. unless im typeing on a keyboard (take it off for that) that said i only got my smart phone this jan.. still dont think il losse my watch thou.

    even if the one Gifted me dies il probly spend £200-£300 on a new one. for one reason… it dose one job dose not fuck it up crash or (99% of the time) Brake or fail to work i will never run out of power and its conviently on my wrist… where i can see it instently…hell the damn thing turns the back lite on when i bring my arm up to look at it automaticly, also i feel its something that separates a Geniration…. the one who grew up before/with the Birth of Tech and the one now so attached to tech