Wario Makes Everything Better!! [ COMIC ]

…Or not.

Seriously, Wario dressed as Morrigan Aensland really creeps me out. And I drew it! Also, a special thanks goes out to R.L. for helping me with the Gears of War verbiage.

So…The Gears of War Triple Pack came out on Tuesday. I’ve been meaning to pick that up. But then again, I’ve also been meaning to pick up the God Of War Collection for quite some time now, as well. Which in turn makes me wonder if there’s any sort of Darkstalkers collection out there besides the Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection that was exclusively released in Japan. Because if there is, I’ve been meaning to pick that up, as well…Probably.


  • There was a DarkStalkers game for PSP that is like all of them combined into one game.

  • Vartic

    Wario in a Morrigan outfit was not an image i needed to see… o_0

  • Jarrett

    I don’t think I can ever look at Morrigan the same way again. I may just stop playing video games with her in it to avoid the pain.

  • Lesharo

    Go to pretty much any convention to find the cosplayers that look exactly like that.

    • BigLord

      Except when they’re, you know, female :P but I still laughed at your post and I salute you.

      Also, I’m glad you didn’t do Wario Nukem.

  • Taroni

    Play Rogue Galaxy before buying gow collection lol

    • Yeah, that is still sitting on my desk, isn’t it.

      • Lax

        All the more reason to start playing it!

    • I’m currently playing Rogue Galaxy myself.

      Also, I have the Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection, but I can’t play it with my PS2 hard drive like I can with my other imports. :( At least I can still play Garou: Mark of the Wolves. :)

  • Maga

    Given that Wario has been my favorite video game character for as long as I remember, I was very much inclined to agree with the comic title…

    …then I saw the Morrigan outfit. Hilarious, but I must go bleach my eyeballs now.

    (Bonus points if this becomes a recurring gag!)

  • Heat Agni


    I think I could get behind this.

  • More Wario cosplay! You’re on to something that could be potentially as regular as Megaman Villains here!

  • Would Street Fighter II: The World Wario featuring Wario as every character be boring, or interesting? Suppose that would depend on how creatively it’s done…

    C’mon guys! If we don’t keep plastering Steve with positive feedback, we’ll never see more Wario strips!

    • Maga

      With Steve drawing, I don’t think creativity would be an issue, so I’d say that would definitely be amusing. I doubt I’d ever be able to look at Ryu seriously again after seeing Wario dressed as him.

      And I’m sure there’s loads of fun to be had with the Dragon Wario franchise. Wario in medieval fantasy armor with sharp pointy weapons simply can’t end well.

    • This comment reminds me of the really bad Street Fighter 2 hack that included Mario. Anyone else ever played that?

  • Tobi

    At least he didn’t draw Wario in a Felicia outfit…

    • Lax