Video Games in the Future [ COMIC ]

I’m going to have to agree with this kid. If I go outside, I have to deal with nature. Bugs, humidity, dirt…I prefer the comforts of my climate controlled home any day, over nature. Nature, blah!


  • Sky Render

    If you want an outdoor environment without the hassles of bugs, humidity, or dirt, boy do I have a sell for you! It even has a very controlled climate! It’s called “space”. Possible side-effects of going to space include asphyxiation, blindness, starvation, death, and a horrible sense of perspective on how irrelevant the struggles of mankind against itself really are. Talk to your doctor today and find out if space is right for you!

  • porkroll

    Nature…highly overrated.

  • Sigurther

    Actually, if there’s physical exertion and people to interact with, a virtual system with safeguards could potentially be much safer than going outside. I see this being a point of contention for parents of the future that want to protect their kids from the evils of the world and in the same regards, prevent them from becoming the shut-in generation.