Video Games are like… [ COMIC ]

Seems as if the previous Dueling Analogs is bringing some decent traffic to the site. If you haven’t checked it out already, please do.

On a completely unrelated note… So I haven’t bought a Nintendo 3DS, yet. I played it at Best Buy and thought it was neat, but it felt gimmicky to me like waggle technology. This said, to anyone who has actually bought one, is it worth getting? I’m just wondering. Regardless, I don’t even plan on picking one up until the library of games becomes a lot larger.


  • Maikeru

    I did the SAME thing today (played it at Best Buy). The effect was pretty cool… but is it just me or does the device itself look/feel cheaper then the DSes? I have a DS XL and it seems more solid/well built then the 3DS…. something about it was off putting…

  • LimEJET

    Whether I buy one or not depends on one thing, and one thing only: Capcom’s Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover puzzle game coming to Europe.

  • Kit

    I own a 3DS, picked up Pilotwings Restort and Street Fighter 3D – those games really implement the 3D effect well, the games themselves are nothing special (albeit fun), but I knew this going in – I hardly played my DSi – so i traded up. The real treat are the AR games and the built in software like Facefighters (or flyers – I forget). I think Nintendo knew software was going to be an issue so they gave you a decent amount of stuff to play around with and get used the 3D effect. I dont agree at all that it seems like its cheaper. I feel the polar opposite. Compare to a DS lite/i and it feels much more sturdy and not cheap at all. The top screen has a nice clear resolution (SF looks impressive on it) and the new interface is easier to navigate. Overall, wait if you can – especially if any games before June don’t tickle for fancy. But just like 2D DS developers will slowly jump on board and you know first party games are going be made well and download service should be a key factor once its implemented.

  • Tim Buchheim

    I think the circle pad, increased screen resolution (which now also has real 24-bit color instead of 16-bit color), and the inclusion of a real GPU are all more important to gaming than the 3D. Sure, the 3D is fun, and works surprisingly well in some titles (particularly the augmented reality stuff) but I find the other features more useful. Even some of the smaller features (accelerometer/gyroscope, StreetPass, etc.)

    The 3DS also has 128 MB of RAM instead of the tiny 4 MB in the DS (16 MB on the DSi, but there’s not that much DSi sotware out there to use it) and faster CPU.

    The launch titles are pretty crappy, but this is a very nice piece of hardware so you can expect some pretty awesome titles later on. No big reason to buy it right now, given the lack of software, unless you think it may be hard to find later when you want it. (And given that supplies of the 3D display may be constrained, it may very well be hard to find this fall.) Right now I’m mostly using mine to play Okamiden, and I find it much better than on my DSi because of the ability to use the circle pad instead of D-pad. (I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Circle pad is mapped to the D-pad when playing DS games.) The upscaling to the larger screen resolution looks quite nice, too, at least on this game. I haven’t tried any DS games other than Okamiden yet. My guess is that anything that has a lot a lot of bitmapped 2D graphics may suffer more, whereas games that mostly use polygons, such as Okamiden, upsample much better.

  • Christopher Stanley

    I bought the 3ds the day it came out, and after the charm of playing 3d and street passing with my friend for the 8th time, I came to a conclusion.

    Nintendo didn’t want to delay the 3ds release, so they fine tuned the hardware, gave a few preinstalled demo games, and left some sections of the firmware empty (case in point the internet browser which requests a yet-to-exist update to operate), only to finish the firmware whenever they feel like it. It doesn’t help that all the games are waiting until summer to show their faces

    I’m not bashing on the device, as it does bring some awes and oohs, but unless you like playing demo games, I’d say you should wait until better games come out.

  • NaruZap

    only reason for getting one: Paper Mario

    • Numb

      Now that’s not the ONLY reason…. Mega Man Legends 3!

      • Torchman

        you sir should hold your breath. Capcom hasn’t greenlit Legends 3 yet. They can still cancel it. Just like our good friend Universe.

        • Numb

          True…. but honestly just the RUMOR of a new Legends game is enough to give me hope.

      • Rick

        Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
        Kid Icarus: Uprising
        Mega Man Legends 3
        Paper Mario 3D
        Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle
        Professor Layton Vs Ace Attourney
        All the remade classics in 3D

        I see more than just a few reasons, just all of them look kinda far away.

        • Dream State Author

          Nobody played Kid Icarus before, but they will now.

          And that’s not even mentioning the Zelda and Star Fox titles, Nintendo doing what Nintendo does best after all

  • BigLord

    The reason for getting a new console at launch are always the good games, and the 3DS isn’t exactly plentiful with them right now… I’m waiting for money AND good games.

  • Kira

    I got this on the day it came out. Aside from Street Fighter, there wasn’t much that caught my eye. Honestly, Id rather get it now than later incase it becomes hard to find at any time (and yes, it happens, I worked in gaming sales for many years).

    The DS had a terrible library when it was released. My friend, who had bought a PSP, claimed I had made the poor choice at the end of the day where he claimed to have made the wiser one. To date, where I worked, I have easily sold 100 DS systems for every single PSP I sell.

    I’m expecting big things with this handheld. The 3D may just be an interesting gimmick, but the handheld’s power is far more interesting. In conclusion, Id say wait if want, but eventually the games are going to pour in.

    • Dream State Author

      I got a DS at launch… I didn’t actually get a DS game til about 6 months later. I do believe I’ve seen this problem before. Granted, I did borrow a copy of Super Mario 64 DS for a while in there, but still. I got it when I could so that later I could just get the games without needing to worry about the additional money for the system. Granted, I also didn’t own a GBA:SP, and it seemed silly to get one with the DS being the newest system…

  • Rick

    I bought a 3DS, and, while I have no regrets about it, I am disappointed in myself for having done it so SOON. There really is very little that the system has to offer at the moment. I did not even get any of the launch games, as they seem mediocre at best. The built-in features are somewhat fun, but get tiresome fast. AR games and Face Raiders in particular are more like a big acid trip than anything else.

    The facial recognition has not improved much from the DSi. I put a hat on the fan in my room and it thought it was a face. For DS games, the higher resolution is not THAT nice. Text in particular looks fuzzy, and if you use the select/start default resolution the screen is really tiny. As a tech demo the built-in features are really cool, and I do look forward to see it put to good use.

    I expect a lot of good things from it, but until those things come into existance, having this just seems wasteful. For now, I think I’ll just go pick up a copy of Dissidia Duodecim, and wait for the summer titles. Kid Iccarus looks fun.

    • Daniel

      I’d have to agree, when playing a DS game, it looks kinda choppy.

  • Xanilus

    The 3D may be a gimmick, but it’s definitely pulled off well. Even if you find the 3D annoying and turn it completely off, the system itself is still well worth it. The AR games are fun for a while and the Sound and 3D Camera are pretty addictive. (Especially when you start converting them into stereoscopic jpegs and posting them online…)

    Now, while I purchased mine at launch, I will admit that it might be a good idea to hold off for a bit on it. The only title I found to be remotely interesting was Street Fighter, and unless you feel like playing that for a month or two… yeah. Wait for the online browser update, Netflix and Ocarina of Time.

    Either way, it’s the first handheld I’ve had at launch that I haven’t felt even a twinge of buyers remorse over.

  • TecXero

    unfortunately the 3DS’s hardware isn’t much better than the PSP’s so it won’t be that great for a homebrew platform, but the epic games that are coming this summer will make up for it.

  • I bought one and I like it a lot. The 3D’s cool, but I mostly disable it now (unless I’m playing Pilotwings). The games I’m playing are getting to really hard stages now and it’s hard to fight instincts to use the console to steer, which totally messes with the 3D. Improved power, better screen and promise of a decent lineup are more than enough reason to get one (but probably not yet; the release titles mostly suck and don’t have great replay).

  • ChibiR

    Should you buy a 3DS? Yes, most definitely, absolutely.
    Should you buy it NOW? Only if one of the launch titles is a must-have.

    I got it on Day One because I don’t have a 360 or PS3, so SF4 was my must-have title. Without that… eh, I dunno. Maybe, but only after a lot of extra consideration (First game may have been Ridge Racer or Ghost Recon, maybe…?).
    I don’t really care about the 3D so far, but that might change with the right game. So far, I occasionally crank it up to go all “Ohhh” and “Ahhh”, but that’s it.
    Augmented Reality and the gyro controls are quite impressive, but again, it will take a good game to really make me drool about those features.
    Oddly, the feature I currently enjoy the most is Streetpass, which ties in well with SF4 and its Figure Collection mode. And the puzzle swap and mini-RPG is a lot of fun, too. However, this feature REALLY depends on many people in your area also having a 3DS. Later on, this point will very likely be moot, but right now, it depends a bit on luck.

    So… yeah. A platform with lots of potential worth looking into, but if you can’t find a must-have game, it won’t kill you to wait a bit.

  • Daniel

    It’s backwards compatible, so it’s like a (DSi + 3D)*pancakes. I’ve done the math.
    I think it’s worth it, but I have this curse that a month or two before the newer DS comes out, my old one gets lost or breaks.

    First, my DS Lite’s touchscreen stopped working and I lost my original DS, then, the shoulder buttons on the DSi stopped working for the most part. People seem to bitch about the battery life of the 3DS, but 3 hours isn’t that bad when you consider all the settings are maxed, and you wouldn’t want to look at 3D for three whole hours anyways.

    Honestly, I’d wait a few months. There are almost no good launch titles. (Except for maybe SSF4, but I haven’t played it yet.)

  • Marvin

    I’m waiting on a Super Mario 3DS, and the funds to acquire a 3DS of course. Having a real life and family sorta takes all your money. :p

    Why do people keep using the word “Waggle”?! It is a stupid, stupid word. I understand that it’s like wiggle and wag, but it just sounds so incredibly stupid! Can’t people just say wiggle or wag instead of waggle??
    (sorry, had to rant slightly there..)

  • Ivan

    Admittedly, I lol’d at the Dragon Age joke.

    But my god. The pre-order content gag at the end. Steve, I love you.

  • Kaicakez

    Honestly, I would wait to get the 3ds until i see more titles out for it. Yeah the Street Fighter game is pretty sweet, and the demo stuff with it is flashy, but all in all, after playing it for about an hour, I was bored, and found myself going back to my regular DS and starting a new Golden Sun game. The proposed titles coming out make it seem worth it, but we all know how game developers are regarding their products, libel to change at any time for any reason. Getting a 3DS right now is just a way to extend your “ego” a few more inches in my opinion. Just wait for a bit until there is more of a selection out.