Video Games are Hard [ COMIC ]

This comic reminds me a lot of One Chance, just not in a funny sort of way. Still, this comic does indirectly broach the subject of how our actions have consequences. Whether they are active decisions based on our own desires, like Bioshock, or choices we made in the past that come back to haunt us, like Braid. Games like that, when done correctly, are awesome. Two other examples that instantly come to mind are Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. I know there’s more, but that’s what comment sections are for.


  • anon

    You’re doing philosophical naval gazing over a comic that’s complaining about games turning into poorly done philosophical naval gazers with button prompts. I like to think that somewhere the author of this comic just got very angry and has no idea why.

  • shri

    I think you might like to play the Stanley parable!
    But first, you want to play the Stanley parable demo : it’s free, it’s only 20 minutes long or so, and it’s totally worth it! Moreover, it’s not just a little bit of the whole game like all the others demo, it’s a totally other game just made to explain you what the Stanley parable is.
    Seriously, play it, just play it asap, no question asked, don’t look for review, don’t look at trailer or others videos, just play it!!!
    I’m not the only one who say that (