Video Game: The Video Game [ COMIC ]

It’s simply amazing how realistic the can make video games these days. I bet playing this game is like playing someone playing a video game.

Video Game Extra PanelsBonus Comic Panels

On an unrelated note, do you think the artist of this comic intentionally made the video game’s title screen match the shirt pattern of Tycho from Penny Arcade or is that just a strange coincidence?

source: Buttersafe


  • jnite

    I love bonus panels. They are that follow up joke to the comic that are often even funnier than the original comic.

    • To the best of my knowledge, this is the only time I ever did that on Dueling Analogs, but I completely agree.

      • jnite

        I remember that one. I even commented on how much the bonus panel made it better.

        I don’t know if you ever heard of ASP webcomic (AmazingSuperPowers), but every one of their comics has a hidden bonus panel that adds on top of the original comic. That combined with the Alt Text (hovering over the image) often have me laughing even more than the original comic did.

  • Oh, I see they got the Kinect.