Unintelligent Design [ COMIC ]

Does that mean that Pokémon is becoming the new Digimon?

Let’s be honest here. You cannot create over seven hundred Pokémon and not expect to make a few Garbodors along the way. Even with a team of designers, I think anyone would find it hard to make every new Pokémon creature an inspiring idea that is not repetitious, but that stand up against its predecessors’ nostalgia.

Here’s an idea. Maybe Nintendo should open up the next generation’s creation to the fans like Capcom used to do with Mega Man via the boss character contests. That way if the Pokémon suck, they can shift the blame.


  • But there are also a lot more of good designs. It’s just that some people only look for stuff they can bash.

    • Alexander

      This reminds me of a quote I saw somewhere awhile back (probably on facebook…). Went something along the lines of “We live in a magical world where people are looking to be offended by something” Not sure if I quoted it 100% accurately, but it’s still true….

      I remember a time where there were actually people making the world a better place. Now it just seems like everyone only derive happiness from seeing others suffer more than they do.

  • NC