Unfortunate Cookie [ COMIC ]

I saw this on Reddit last night and literally laughed out loud. Unfortunately, it was not the original version of the comic linked below. Curse you internet denizens for modifying other peoples’ content and making me like it!

The original version is still funny, but the updated comic (which I updated/cleaned up a bit) still resinated with me a little more.

source: Toonhole


  • MindTricked


  • Jnite

    I threw my phone away, stopped checking my email, changed my name, moved to a different state, and had my face surgically changed, but he still found me!

    I don’t want to go bowling! Why can’t you understand that! No, I don’t want to go eat with you, play darts, or anything! Huh? What’s that?

    ….Okay fine, I’ll go to the Titty Club with you.