Types of Game Character Namer [ COMIC ]

I used to be The Thinker, but now I simply use the default option. If there is no default option, I just use pierski. Boring, right?

source: Reddit


  • skyrender

    I usually just make up something silly if there’s no canon name. Hence why my Dragon Quest VII lead is named Lubydonk.

  • MSM007

    They forgot me, the name slacker. I’ use names of characters from other franchises for single player RPGs, though I usually put in an effort to make up a name if it’s an online RPG.

  • Metal C0Mmander

    I tend to move around as the casual, the official and the thinker depending on what game I’m playing.

  • K7

    Also forgotten: The Tolkien. One who names their characters according to the official naming structures of their race according to the lore of the game.

  • Noblood

    I choose default/official names if the game doesn’t have character customization. Letting everyone call Link Zelda is fun but turns off the mood of the game a bit.

    I am not a “casual” however. I name my characters what I think is nice and fitting but never stop to think that I’d name my child that. I never find it hard to give a name to my characters.

  • I do The Crossover a fair bit. In one of my Long War campaigns in XCOM, I made Rock “Megaman” Hikari as The Volunteer. I went with classic cyan since Bad Boxart Megaman isn’t really feasible with late-game armors.

    • Metal C0Mmander

      So it was like the real life evolution of bad box art megaman.

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    I’m any one of these depending on my mood.

  • Necro_Critic

    “The True Canon-er” The guy who names the character after what the character’s real name is later revealed to be.

    “Hey Nanaki, why did that guy just call you Nanaki?”