Twilight of the Games [ COMIC ]

Is nothing sacred to Twilight fans? You know, besides Twilight and glitter.

source: Spinnerdisc


  • clovervidia

    How I feel about bronies.

    • What? How? O_o

      • Koopz

        i guess he wanted to say that non-pegasisters would instantly think of sparkling vampires when they hear a brony talking about “Twilight Sparkle” …woah that last name… why didn’t i see this before?…

        • You’re probably right, how didn’t I see this before? I mean, she’s the protagonist of the show and all..

          • PrinceJonathan

            My mind has just been blown so hard I’m going to start thinking with my crotch from now on!

  • michael

    This is so wrong on so many levels…. now I feel tainted because I played Zelda. UNCLEANUNLCEANUNCLEAN!!!

  • OH SHI—
    On the other hand: [i]Zelda[/i] has a literal Demon King.

    Also: Beauty and the Beast
    A girl named Bell(a) who doesn’t fit into her society at all has a emotional unhealthy relationship with a man who consdiers himself a monster.

    • FuzzyWulfe

      At least Belle had a personality. And Beast had a reason to be angsty. And Belle wasn’t two-timing him with Gaston.

  • PrinceJonathan

    I think I might actually enjoy playing a sparkly vampire game with princesses.

    If the gameplay is fun, it’s not too difficult, an engaging story lightly seasoned with HoYay, the main character’s a sexy bishounen and you get to run around in a dress (like a secret unlockable costume/bonus mode) HELL YES!!!

    • Silval

      For some strange reason the first thing coming to mind reading “sparkly vampire game with princesses” is Lollipop Chainsaw. Zombies, chainsaws and chests! Oh my!