Too Much Pressure [ COMIC ]

This is definitely the hardest part of any RPG. While not so much a traditional JRPG, I had the exact same dilemma when I started playing Culdcept Saga recently.

My default course of action when naming a character in any RPG is to just use whatever the system offers by default. When I played through Dragonquest VIII my main character’s name was Hero. This way when I talk to someone about the game its easy for me to say, “Remember when Cloud was riding the motorcycle.” Instead of “Remember when OchoCinco…I mean Cloud, that was his name…I think…was riding the motorcycle.”

My second course of action is a variation of Momus. You do know who Momus is, right? Momus is simply the greatest god in Greek mythology EVAR! Momus is the god of satire and mockery. So when I name characters they might be Momus, Momo or if a female Momiji.

Nonetheless, it is still the hardest part of any RPG: except for Final Fantasy XIII where the hardest part was just playing it.


  • Phaelin

    Heh, this is especially bad for me in Phantasy Star Online.

    “Oh god, I spend all that time choosing between five hair options! How could I possibly name this character now!?”

  • Jnite

    I prefer the default name as well. Although it becomes a problem when the default is Player1 or similar.

    Long story short I’m known as Player1.

  • Fierkraag

    If you think its hard choosing the name for just the main character try playing phantom brave where you will create many characters and have to name every single one of them. Think of it over 30 characters to name in just one game

    • Jnite

      Good grief! I would probably try to be creative at first but by the end I would be picking random words. Probably base on things I could see while doing it.

      Your name is Joe.
      Your name is Sandwich.
      Your name is Lamp.
      Your name is Carpet.
      Your name is TV.

      …You know the more I keep talking about this, the more I want to do it now.

  • Jarrett

    This is the point when I start making up a fictional name, carefully spending 5 minutes at a time on each character only to throw out the first few names I come up with because I don’t like them.

  • AndrewFoose

    Yeah, FFIII for the DS was the first game that I have played where you can name your characters. And since I had no idea who people were talking about on GameFAQs, I then took a stance of “never name a character anything other than their cannon name.” Link is always Link.

  • Jimmy T

    ALWAYS. Games like Persona sometimes make it easy for me and I just play as me, but other times it’s really difficult. Like Fallout or Skyrim, and so choosy about names.

  • Donmy

    I always name them ‘Donmy’ and if it’s a girl, ‘Donmai’

  • PrinceJonathan

    Never had this problem. I always use the default named, or my own name, or if I have to name multiple characters I break my name apart into four separate names.

  • Kyono

    I’m prolly the crazy one, but I just took old names from D&D campaigns, gave them fully fleshed out characters, and just used one or another for every game.

    • MindTricked

      I’ve been doing the same thing for over 20 years now.

  • Paul

    This is why I have a group of names I keep for just this situation. Each tailored for each type of class and/or character type. When I start up one of these games I check to see what kind of character I’m playing and then choose the appropriate name.

  • Kazuto88

    Remember in Final Fantasy 7 when Sephiroth killed Kasumi?

  • Triaxx2

    I find that if I can’t use my name, I either make something up, or in games like Skyrim, use a descriptive adjective. So a female thief became Ahlia Light-Fingers. Fits the fantasy universe, and sounds like the kind of nickname she might earn for being an excellent pickpocket.

  • MindTricked

    I’m pretty good at coming up with decent names, off the fly or pre-planned. That being said, I’ve also used the same names (or variations thereof) in every MMO I’ve played, going back to UO, and various non-MMOs that have the same fantastical setting(s). As for the FF games… I usually go with the defaults, if applicable.

    (Remember the first Final Fantasy? Four letters per name… yeah, I got really creative with those names.)

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    I remember, a friend of mine once played through Final Fantasy VI, and named every character Kefka.

  • Sky Render

    Sometimes I feel a bit mean when I let the audience name the characters when I do Let’s Plays, because I know I’m subjecting more than a few of them to this. That said, it rarely happens to me. I’ve quite a nice selection of names for characters, probably my favorite being my Oblivion character, the Orc I called Gro-gro Groyurboat. Though his successor The Facechopper from my Skyrim save’s a close second.

  • Kintrex

    Ah, this reminds me of that FFI playthrough. “How do you like your name, FOOD?”

  • 1>Start Pokemon
    2>This over yours & your rival’s name
    3>Choose first pokemon
    4>This over your first pokemon’s name
    5>Deliver obligatory goods, get pokeballs
    6>Catch a new pokemon
    7>This over new pokemon’s name
    8>Repeat steps 6 & 7 at least 200 times

  • Will

    Ahh, fond memories of staring at the name entry screen for 20 minutes. This is the worst part for me in Neverwinter Nights.

    Favorite name: Bubbles the Orc Crusader hailing from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Tom Cruise the halfling barbarian, hailing from NWN2.

    Oddly enough, I have an easier time naming teams than individual characters: My FF1 team of FACE, BA, HANN, MURD. BA always manages to die right before I get the airship. Or KEN, KYLE, STAN, CART.

  • prime_pm

    When I played Dragon Age, I found that there were already predetermined nicknames for your character, which only added more pressure. “Shoot, what’s the best nickname for Rasker? Robert? Rick? Richard? Fuck!”

    Then I play the game, everyone just calls you Arisen. “Well, that was a real cul-de-sac.”

    • prime_pm

      Sorry, I meant Dragon’s Dogma.

  • Vinicius

    This was problematic for me when playing Dragon Quest V. I wasn’t naming any charachter, I was naming my son.

  • Nemo

    In FFVII, I named everyone the following:

    Cloud= Asshole
    Barret= the N-word
    Tifa= Slut
    Aeris= Hooker
    Red XIII= Mutt
    Cait Sith= Douche
    Cid= Faggot
    Vincent= Fairy
    Yuffie= Jailbait

  • I’ll stick with the default name if there is one. Otherwise, I’ll often go for a pet’s name or a favorite character from a book. I used my own name for the hero in Dragon Quest VI, and it’s coming across as a little weird.

  • Gathma

    I always use my own name for games like Zelda, and just use the name I have here for everything else. Pretty simple and saves me hours of panic.