TMNT: A Vicious Cycle [ COMIC ]

Now that Michael Bay has gotten a hold of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, a new vicious cycle is beginning: crappy movie, crappy movie, crappy movie…


  • Malicious Hero

  • Ido013

    True, I think that’s why we had turtles and a lot of other people in the 90s had any.. But I don’t think this year’s monstrosity is going to do that again.

    • kit

      not all 90’s turtles were adopted because of TMNT my friend adopted one because of pokemon, I sence moved out of that neighborhood but he loved his turtle and took really good care of it,

      • Ido013

        Well early 90s then.. Didn’t think pokemon would influence anyone to buy a turtle, even though Squirtle was my starter lol.

        • JP

          I wanted a salamander with its tail on fire… Mom’s got me a fern.

          • JP

            Or maybe it’s called bracken? Sorry, Google translate’s help only goes so far.