Time for Bed [ COMIC ]

Too many times has my workflow been interrupted by Windows deciding that it needed to perform a “manditory” update. Sure, they’ll let you postpone them, but for only so long. After that, they tell you that you have 5 minutes and start counting down. Better save your progress, I usually don’t, and then BAM! What time is it?! It’s update time!

The worst part is that you never know exactly how long it will take. Sometimes they trick you into believing it will be short, only to need to restart and install new updates once your computer has restarted. Other times, like in comic, your updates are some astronomical number. But the worst, hands down, is when it just sticks during an update and you think the computer has frozen. Sure it’s still updating, it just looks like your computer has locked up for the past 5 minutes. Aren’t Windows updates fun?