Thunderhawk’s [ COMIC ]

I picked up a Sweet Tooth necklace.


  • Armane

    TIME TO GET PAID!! Oh wait wrong M. Bison…

    But the other M. Bison lives! Sadly Street Fighter canon died with his resurrection, also Gouken’s, and I guess with 4 in general.

  • Alastor

    You want a good fighting game story, play BlazBlue. No one plays Street Fighter, MvC, or MK for the story.

    • Phaelin

      I have wanted to try BlazBlue, and heard the argument for the “fighting game with a story” before, but I laughed it off. So, I guess I should ask, does it really? As in, are we talking about the depth of, say, story mode from SSBB, or is it more along the lines of, say, Sword Calibur?