Thor Than A Handful [ COMIC ]

“By great Odin’s beard, my attraction to you is more than mere static cling.”

source: deviantART


  • Murmur

    ANOTHER! Uh…is it supposed to bleed when I slam it on the floor?

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      Yeah, saw the third panel, but aside from just generic cruelty, I don’t get the joke.

      • Yeah, the third panel was added after the original version. Judging by the art style of the panel, it was not the original creator.

        • ed

          In the recent Thor movie, he is in a diner drinking coffee and he says, “This drink….. I like it!”, “ANOTHER”, and he slams the coffee cup on the ground, that’s what it’s referencing not just some random guy thinking it was funny for Thor to abuse a Pikachu.

  • Thom

    I’ve seen this one with a third panel added, but it could be considered pokécruelty :/

  • Nemo

    where is the 3rd panel?