This was the Inspiration for… [ COMIC ]

The site was getting hit be Reddit so hard yesterday evening that I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to upload the comic. Obviously, I was.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, the Blue Shell, Blue Balls comic I created and that originally premiered here was featured on Dorkly last Tuesday. It was then shown again on Bob’s House of Video Games on Friday. Which I believe caught the eye of someone on Reddit because it was submitted to there and made it to the front page of Gaming. And a front page of gaming link gains one a lot of additional traffic. Thank God, for caching.

So the comic today is just about how I imagined what was the inspiration for some of the games we know and love… And for Superman 64, as well.

You know, it might be interesting for you guys to post some of your own ideas of for what you think the inspiration for some games were in the comment section below. I think it would make for a really interesting discussion.


  • David Herbert

    Love the Superman 64 one. But what was the inspiration for Pokemon?

    • fighting beetles. Apparently it’s big among kids in japan. they even have vending machines where you can buy live types of beetles…..then you place your beetle along with a friends into a small box and the beetles, being territorial, fight each other to the death. kind of a gruesome origin for a kids game, but there it is.

      • That’s so much cooler than a game of conkers though. Imagine. If you win, you could feed up the beetle until it is the size of your opponent. Not the beetle, the actual human. Bwahahaha!

  • This is a great gag, but the amusing part is some truly great works have the most bizarre origins. Take The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Inspired by Douglas Adams laying drunk in a field, gazing at the night sky and holding The hitchhiker’s guide to Europe.

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day was probably inspired by someone stumbling home drunk from the pub to find the Wonderful World of Disney on the tube.

  • Metal C0Mmander

    It’s drugs, it always been drugs.

  • The Anarchyz

    Drugs… that’s the explanation for Pacman

  • Nuckel

    I guess Pokemon is just what it is: Pets with super powers that can be stored away like trading cards…

    Now what might be the idea behind Sonic the hedgehog? Is it a funny spoof on that famous fable about the rabbit and the hedgehog? – Woosh!!

    • A Dude With a Mac

      The inspiration for sonic the hedgehog, my friend, is a long and epic tale:
      Naoto Oshima, designer of sonic, came home drunk one nite. His boss had told him he needed to come up with an idea for a new game to kickstart the compny within a week or he was fire…that was last monday. It was now Thursday, the nite before. in his drunkness, he decided to repaint his entire house blue (it sounded good at the time) and pretty much just took a paint can and splattered blue paint all over the walls. His pet hedghog, Steve, got splattered with blue paint, and started running around in circles in his cage cuz he was scared shitless from the paint. Naoto saw the blue hedghog running in circles and thought to himself “hey thatd be a cool game” and so sonic was born…probably.

  • tubazo1989

    Possible Inspiration for:

    Madden 11:
    *Picture of a big, burly dude holding Madden 10 with a “1” sticker blatantly over the “0”.

    Super Stardust HD:
    *Young dude saying*
    “I played Geometry Wars”

    Geometry Wars:
    *Old dude saying*
    “I played Robotron 2084”

    Robotron 2084:
    A Skeleton just chillin’

    *A homeless dude with a shopping cart full of bottles without bottlecaps on them saying*
    “I’ma tellin yooses, thesss ill be worth sompthin sompdai!”

    FF XIII:
    *Old, aristocratic gentleman with a cigar, monocle and a suit saying the following in a long-winded, sophisticated manner in a big talk bubble along the lines of*
    “I feel like telling you a good story, but it takes 40 hours until I get to the good part. It was the best of time, it was the worst………….”

    ………..I’d go on if I already didn’t feel embarrassed for clicking submit comment…….

  • Ido

    lol this comic has spun some nice comments back. Gotta love the last one! I wonder what was the inspiration for Final Fantasy 1, at the time being their desperate series…

  • TecXero

    Well actually I feel that Starcraft is the inspiration for Halo… I mean come on, takes place in the future, there is a highly advanced collective (instead of a race) that glass the humans and there are freaking organic parasites that infest whatever living things it comes across….

    • And Warhammer was the inspiration for StarCraft. According to some sources, Starcraft was originally a Warhammer 40,000 game, but then Games Workshop got cold feet and jumped ship. So, they changed a few names here and there, and released the game anyway.

      Hence why the Terrans look like Space Marines, the Zerg look like Tyranids, so on.

    • A Dude With a Mac

      And Starcraft, was inspired James Cameron’s Alien and Predator movies, which was inspired by the Borgs from Star Trek: The Next Generation (probably), which were inspired by the Daleks from Doctor Who (possibly) , which were inspired by Orson Wells Books (maybe). Point is, Starcraft is not as friggin original as u all think it is. Its a friggin blatant RIPOFF of the Alien and Predator movies (and Alien vs Predator games) with a little Star Wars thrown in.

  • Triaxx

    Hey! I liked Superman 64. Once I found the cheat to skip the stupid racing levels. The rest was pretty fun.

    Legend of Zelda was actually inspired by Shigeru wandering arond the woods.

  • Afonso

    Emo kid is cute. :3

  • Super Mario Bros was inspired by one crazy psychedelic trip. Take these examples, for instance
    – A fat plumber from New York in a MUSHROOM Kingdom
    – Said plumber must fight his way through levels whilst jumping on EVIL MUSHROOMS (Goombas)
    – And being rewarded by GOOD MUSHROOMS (Toad, etc.)
    – He fights a giant dinosaur
    – (In SMB3) When you eat a certain plant, you can FLY
    – When you eat a MUSHROOM, you feel larger than life (aka – get big)
    – You travel to new and exciting places through PIPES
    – the laws of physics are of no consequence (yoshi’s reproductive cycle, moving environments, inanimate objects come alive)

    Just sayin…

  • bidoopoo

    I don’t know… if the inspiration for Superman 64 is true you’d think the creators would have enough sense to had shipped a few loose razors with it, in case you wanted to end it all.

  • Vanya

    Kirby: Bulimic people.

    Need I say more?

  • Crotalidian

    Tomb Raider:
    Guy with glass bottle spectacles, bracers, poket protector, bow tie and combover:
    Wow I can make these Polygons look like Tits!

  • Xexx

    I though Superman 64’s inspiration was the inspiration for Aquaman…

  • Nich

    Kirby’s Dream Land: “I really enjoyed Silence of the Lambs but Dr. Lector wasn’t cute enough.”

  • Sorry dude, off topic but seeing as you love ripping on the Rings of Death…

    • That is ten kinds of awesome.

    • David

      Heh. I think I actually find the idea of using a NES in the picture funnier than the joke. I can barely picture a NES without a blinking power light and a green flashing screen. I’ve loved many a NES over the years but they’ve never exactly been the image reliability. =P