This Serious [ COMIC ]

Can you honestly blame him?

source: Byron Buslig


  • Console Chairman

    Can anyone remember if, in Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu had to get in his Pokeball to heal the the Pokemon Center?

    • Triaxx2

      No, he didn’t. They even changed the counter design to allow for it.

      • Tatsurou

        Actually, while they never showed him getting in the Pokeball, it then showed you six Pokeballs in the healing device. Then Nurse Joy turned back to the back and handed you Pikachu.

        • Lektio

          Actually, Pikachu just jumped up on the machine. In other words, it appears that a small enough pokémon wouldn’t have to get in the pokéball to be healed.

  • Omnithea

    Offer him a Friend Ball instead. Admittedly if he’s holding out for a Luxury Ball he’s just being picky.

    • Kal

      Masterball surely, there is only one of them. It’s like saying, I choose you

      • Kintrex

        Of course they’re gonna use the rarest object in the world on a disgruntled customer.