This is Not a Game [ COMIC ]

I was originally going to add a tag for the Magnavox Odyssey to this comic, but if I hadn’t used it once in the past eight years I probably won’t ever use it again. In other news, all posts next week will be related to the Coleco Adam.


  • Game discussions on the internet in a nutshell

    • Sensei Le Roof

      I suppose you’d rather we went back to typewriters!

      • Stan

        What?! Those things were so clunky and unresponsive!

        • TrainAss

          Oh, so you’d rather use a quill, inkwell and parchment eh?

          • He never said he was a fan of that. The inkwells don’t keep the ink wet and the paper it too rough and expensive.

          • thewood

            **In response to Steve’s response** Oh, so you’re a purist eh? Rather we all go into some cave and carve our stories on the wall with a rock?

          • I never said rock is ever the answer. That stuff is too hard and dirty.

          • Sensei Le Roof

            Oh sure, look at Mr. I Advocate Oral History over here.

          • FuzzyWulfe

            Split the difference. A reed stylus and clay tablets.

  • PJ Bottoms

    I just like the fact that in his attempt to not be a fanboy, the first guy in the argument makes completely fanboy statements about sony :D

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    He’s obviously a PC gamer.

  • jnite

    You know what, I’m saving this. Might come in handy when I see people actually arguing like this.

  • David

    I know it’s missing the point, but personally the Wii U has been a massive surprise. I brought one for the hell of it and it shattered my expectations. I’m actually angry at Nintendo for advertising it as the Wii 2 instead of THE THING THAT TURNS YOUR TV INTO A GIANT DS.