The Struggle is Real [ COMIC ]

I think the hardest part of any RPG is finding the money it costs to actually buy one.


  • Kaye

    I’ll just safely assume the character creation started around noon and ended at 10 PM. No way someone would start around 8 AM and end at midnight. Right?


  • Kal

    Am I the only one around here who plays a RPG for the story and don’t give a fuck about customization

    • DoriSai


    • Kaye

      Nope, especially if it’s a good game.

    • Grecko


    • Isn’t customization part of the story? Otherwise, you would just be watching a movie.

    • Sky Render

      Given the high number of JRPG fans still out there, I’m guessing no. Then again, I’m the sort who doesn’t care about customization OR story and prefers to focus on the gameplay. Which might explain why I loathe Final Fantasy IX, yet seem to be one of the few who does…

    • Kintrex

      Nope, because I’ve never played an RPG that allowed customization beyond naming the characters.

  • Spiffy McGee

    I get this, quite badly.

    Winds me up on Elder Scrolls’ – Even while I’m changing the face for like an hour I know damn well that I’ll be playing in first person, and will wear a big F-off helmet anyway.

  • thewood

    I usually just find the preset face that looks most like me, tweak the hair and eye color, and go with that. If I mess with the proportions too much, they just end up looking like weird mutant people.