The Splendor of Minecraft [ COMIC ]


  • Triaxx2

    Also how you Dwarf Fortress. Though usually with more fire.

    • WorMzy

      And carp.

  • There’s a few public servers like this. That’s why ours is private :)

  • mlsterben

    I saw this on Dorkly and I still don’t get what’s going on. He turned his wilderness into a pink wasteland? And he turned into a cock and balls?

    • David

      He made something beautiful then got bored and trashed it?

      • JP

        I’d say he got somewhere where someone had worked hard to create something beautiful of, noticed he could do anything and used his newly discovered power to trash the place

    • Jarrett

      He stumbles onto this land of minecraft full of wonder and excitement. He finds what’s already there in panel 2 and sees a beautiful land that he can mold. Naturally, he turns it into a land filled with giant penis statues and bonfires with text in the sky and the sun blocked by smog to symbolize his love for the garbage dumb he grew up in.

  • It’s normal. I tend to do that. Like you guys… am I right? Guys? Guys?