The Social Media Generation [ COMIC ]

This comic is just a little too accurate. Next time you or someone you know decides to post a selfie or vaguebook, just remember the accuracy of this comic.


  • Usyra


  • Haohmaru

    There is no way, no how, I would EVER use that toilet for ANYTHING. God, I hate men’s rooms.

    • JP

      You’re missing the point of that part. Why do you think the strip didn’t stop when it compared Social Media users to spoilt kids?

      Compare the wide panel showing the druggie with the last panel. See the similarity? That guy, as pretty much most social media users, is as addicted as that junkie. Their drug is just a different one: the attention thrown their way every time someone “likes”, replies, “retweets” or whatever their posts.

      And people still ask me why I don’t have a FB account…

  • MindTricked

    This is… incredibly true. There are reasons I’ve backed away from both Facebook and Twitter (ignore the fact that I shared this to my Facebook, where I haven’t posted an actual status since February), and this comic encapsulates several of them.

  • Yue

    So glad I don’t use any social network… If you’re unable to communicate with others without passing through some website, I don’t need you in my life.

  • Sky Render

    Huh. So all those times I’ve been playing games on my 3DS on the train while everyone else about me was being social media whores on their phones, I was being the technically-more-mature one? That’s kind of a scary thought.

  • HolyDragoon

    This is… incredibly false. If someone needs validation in their life that much, they would do the same thing without social media. They would go home to their friends, and tell the same story and they would have similar reactions to the comments. Obviously though, social media makes all of that self indulgent behavior a lot easier to access. But yes, having groups of teenagers at the mall sitting at a table all on their cell phones instead of actually talking together like you would expect if they all went to the mall together is pretty stupid and makes you feel kinda sad for them.

  • Rezanator

    I don’t buy it. There were other ways back in the day to ignore people in public. You could read the newspaper, a book, a magazine or you could have used a Walkman or whatever other copy. I think NPR did a story on a researcher that found that people do not spend all of their time on their phone, just when they had nothing to do or were waiting for someone. No comment about selfies

    • Alexander

      This is basically what I do with my phone in public. I play Sudoku on my phone while waiting at the doctor’s office or whatever, but I won’t be posting to mah facebook about how I’m oh-so-very bored waiting at the doctor’s office.

      Sure, I don’t actually have a smartphone or a data plan atm…..but I don’t really see that changing anything. I mean, I currently barely post anything on facebook PERIOD. And I’m nearby my computer often enough to post every little thing that happens if I really felt like I needed to. “look at how silly my cat is being with this catnip scratching post! Because it’s TOTALLY a weird thing for a cat to do and he’s TOTALLY never done this 1,000,000x before!”

      I don’t mind seeing a random cat on the internet doing funny stuff every now and then. I just don’t need to see it all day everyday on everyone’s wall. My cat doing it isn’t really any different from another internet user’s cat doing it, either. So there’s no need for me to make my own video. Apart from that validation stuff, at least.

  • Kintrex

    This is why I stopped talking to people directly. When you think about it, verbal communication is nothing more that a desperate attempt to be acknowledged and praised. Why can’t we go back to the good old days, when every waking minute was spent avoiding death?

    • Falos

      Broadcasts are distinct from directed communiques.

      You had the chance, though, to label them as nothing more than requests, demands, orders. When a human approaches you or even your phone rings, someone has specific business with you. They want something.

      It might be something exciting, but I side with the pessimists: No news is good news.

  • Silinos

    I’m surprised this article doesn’t have more likes.

    • Painstream

      I see what you did there.
      +1, and some extra validation, too.

  • Lost

    … sad part is i know 3 people at work who are like this… one of them never stops looking at their phone unless they have to…kinda glad im immune to Tweeter n Facebook…