The Problem with Side Quests [ COMIC ]

I think this was why I loved the original Dead Rising, so much. The destruction of the world around you wasn’t on pause while you decided to do other stuff. You had to make hard choices and you couldn’t do everything.

Of course, the game was also designed to be shorter than Final Fantasy VII, too. So after you beat it, you could go back and do the stuff you missed the next time or the time after that or the time after that or…

source: deviantART


  • oldtaku

    It’s sort of feels okay in FF7 because it didn’t really have an ending (yes there was one, but that tacked on thing was pretty obviously ‘we ran out of time and/or money, like Xenogears’). Apparently the side stuff was more important to them than the main plot.

    On the other hand, yeah, meal culpa, every single Wild Arms, Tales game, Legaia, you name it, the last checkpoint before the final boss is put him on hold and clear everything left. You’ve made your way to the secret sky base (it’s always a secret sky base), fought your way through it, and there’s your very obvious last change and even a handy teleporter… time to find that missing hamster!

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    The other difference between this and Dead Rising is that in a game like FF7 time technically stops until you get to the next story event.

  • TenDM

    Dead Rising side quests are nice. I have a lot more fun exploring when it’s in four dimensions like that. I mean in Skyrim I can explore a cave but it’s always full of skeletons. In Dead Rising I explore the scenarios more than the environments which makes the world feel bigger to me.