The Power of Pokémon Compels You! [ COMIC ]

How cool would it actually be if Pope Francis was actually the gym leader of Vatican City? I wonder which Pokémon he would use, too.

source: Delacroix


  • Roam85
    • Alexander Merchant

      Not gonna lie, this actually looks hella fun. Would be hard to bring myself to NOT capture legendaries, though….

      • Also, you have to kill shinies, because natural genetic mutations are all lethal and not at all proof of evolution thermodynamics why are there still mankeys so choose to believe or go to Distortion World will pray at a pokecenter for you just a phase/buff/held item.

        • Alexander Merchant

          I have literally NEVER encountered a shiny outside of Gamestop distribution events anyway, so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll not have to worry about that.

          ……..then again the time I’m doing the Christian playthrough will probably be the time life decides to let me encounter a shiny in the wild for the first time……

          • >Game bugs
            >all shinies, all the time
            >Therefore only your Starter.
            >On Nuzlock.

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    I’m not even Christian and I think this comic is cute.

  • oldtaku

    It’s worth remembering that the Papal Audience Chamber is actually home to a Final Fantasy Endboss

    • Right: who else here had “One-Winged Angel” or “Dancing Mad” play in their head when they saw that picture?