The Power of Flash Compels You [ COMIC ]

I know that the general opinion is that Flash is dying with the lack of support for it on some major mobile devices, but if you visit Facebook those games aren’t being made in HTML5 and javascript. They’re still pretty much Flash. Not to mention Newgrounds, as well.

source: xkcd


  • Metal C0mmander

    So you mean to tell me that they haven’t yet implemented full internet support in the most powerful console in the world?

    • Yue

      More like it’d be a pain in the butt to play a flash game, designed for mouse and keyboard, with a controller.

      • JohnnyH87

        Controls has nothing to do with it.
        Most Flash games have simple controls, it would not be difficult at all.

  • JohnnyH87

    Less content is made with flash nowadays, and there’s good reason for it.
    Flash is more resource, has more security flaws and require more specialized software.
    With the standard of internet bandwidth going up, there’s really not any benefit for using flash.
    Also, Newgrounds has been in a decline for years.

  • Sky Render

    Having an xkcd comic without retaining the alt-text? For shame! Granted, the alt-text on that one is delightfully ironic nowadays since head-tracking via IR exists in gaming at large solely through the Kinect… which everyone hates.

  • IT

    My instinct was to mouse over the image for alt text. Now I’m sad.