The New Jehovah’s Witnesses [ COMIC ]

I think I subscribe to this group’s literature.

So for the past sixteen, almost seventeen, years I have been a loyal Mac user. My first Mac was a Power Macintosh 8500 installed with Mac OS 7.5.2. Now a few Power Mac and iMacs later, I think my next computer will be a PC instead. Raising a family means I just don’t have as much money as I used to to drop on a new computer. Besides that, I really do want a machine that I can play games on. It’s kind of depressing to log onto Steam and see countless titles you want to play, but less than a dozen you actually can. But for that, there is always the Steam Machines. Am I right? But the biggest decider, is that I really don’t have a problem with Windows 8. In fact I took to it pretty quickly. Who knew?

Here is the original untranslated dialog before I got a hold of the comic above:

Fundamentalistisk: Hej. Vi er fundamentalistisk tilhængers af Apple. Vi kommer for at sprede budskabet om den nye MacBook Air…

source: Helt Normalt