The New Jehovah’s Witnesses [ COMIC ]

I think I subscribe to this group’s literature.

So for the past sixteen, almost seventeen, years I have been a loyal Mac user. My first Mac was a Power Macintosh 8500 installed with Mac OS 7.5.2. Now a few Power Mac and iMacs later, I think my next computer will be a PC instead. Raising a family means I just don’t have as much money as I used to to drop on a new computer. Besides that, I really do want a machine that I can play games on. It’s kind of depressing to log onto Steam and see countless titles you want to play, but less than a dozen you actually can. But for that, there is always the Steam Machines. Am I right? But the biggest decider, is that I really don’t have a problem with Windows 8. In fact I took to it pretty quickly. Who knew?

Here is the original untranslated dialog before I got a hold of the comic above:

Fundamentalistisk: Hej. Vi er fundamentalistisk tilhængers af Apple. Vi kommer for at sprede budskabet om den nye MacBook Air…

source: Helt Normalt


  • IT

    I am depressed that, ultimately, the next time I buy a new computer it will wind up being a PC.

    Right now, I’m running Bootcamp to play Final Fantasy XIV. Up until this time, my ability to not play most of the game genres out there due to skill superceded the fact I couldn’t play many games due to OS.

    I can’t justify doing that again.

    It’s just… sad. *hugs her MacBookPro while she has it*

  • Alexander

    Macs ARE starting to become viable gaming machines, though. I remember back when I was a kid, all Mac really had in terms of games were boring educational games (I did greatly enjoy one educational game I played. I think it was called “Museum Madness” or something? I kinda want to play it again….). Nowadays, there’s actually quite a few games on Macs. GOOD games, even. And from what I hear, you can actually run Windows OS’s on a Mac system now (although you still have to actually BUY the Windows OS), so there’s that. And with Steam now adding in Linux games (and I heard the Steam OS is gonna be linux based. Didn’t actually read more into it, so take that info with a grain of salt), Linux is slowly becoming a viable option for gaming as well. The day I actually buy a Mac for gaming is not far off…. Heck, it’ll probably even be my NEXT gaming computer.

  • Triaxx2

    Never understood the fascination with Macs.

    • PJ

      Then you have obviously never done anything in the professional graphics field or you would understand.

      • You can get good monitors for PCs too. Plus, the hardware is cheaper and you’ve got more software to pick and chose from.

        /professional computer graphics artist.

      • Kintrex

        Saying that a Mac makes better art than a PC is like saying your drawing table is more important than your materials.

  • Chaos

    Let’s pay six times the normal price for a subpar piece of shit in a pretty white case. OH, BUT IT’S SO EASY. YOU PAY FOR THE QUALITY AND SIMPLICITY!!!11!

    I work for Apple, and I hate using Macs at our work stations. OS X may be simple(it is) and easy(er) to use than a Windows rig but that does not cover the fact that you’re running barely 2GB of RAM which chugs on a simple fucking Flash game.

  • Adam

    The author of this comic posts in both Danish and English on different sites. Here is the English version