The New iPhone [ COMIC ]

This is why I still own/use my 3GS… That and the fact that I am too cheap to buy a new own, but mainly the whole theft issue.

Seriously, a thief would look at my old cracked phone, and out of pity, probably give me theirs. True story I just made up.


  • r1nka

    Also look here:

    Malaysia car thieves steal finger:

  • BigLord

    Not everyone is going to be THIS desperate, though.

  • Yue

    the fact the finger print scanner was cracked within 2 days of release, thieves won’t need this…
    That feature is just if you want to keep something from a family member or some friends. For anything mission critical, like you’re the CEO of a company and you have secrets on the phone, this won’t help, at all. Finger print scanners are a neat little gimmick that is unfortunately easily bypassed if someone get your fingerprint… (I doubt this is a problem for 95% of iphone users)

  • ShiningDragoon

    True, for huge Ceo’s etc it won’t help too much just like any security for a phone in general really. There will always be a way to circumvent a scanner, password, etc etc. However even if it was “cracked” (even though its not really cracking it maybe fooled is a better word) this is probably a better security method then most judging on how bad some passwords are.