The Mr. Masters 5 [ COMIC ]

Two finales: One, the pre-order for The Mr. Masters (poster) ends today. So if you want to say $2 and guarantee to own one, now is your chance. And two, this is the final The Mr. Masters comic. I wasn’t originally going to run this one, but as I mentioned in the previous post I have been rather sick lately (missed half a week of my real world job) and this gave me a little extra time to recuperate and was relevant as well.

So instead of just running just The Mr. Masters‘ equivalents from Mega Man 5, I decided to select some of the ones I really liked out of the remaining 48 and put them here in the final comic of the series. I specifically didn’t display a bunch of my favorites because I wanted to leave some good content for those who order the poster. But realistically, there’s 80 Mr. Masters on the poster and I’ve only shown 40 in it’s five comic series. That means half of the content will still be brand new. Personally, I think that’s a lot.


  • David

    Shouldn’t Mr Blizzard be blue, white or a pale blue?

    Also, hope you get well soon.

  • linuxexorcist

    i think it’s blizzard the game developer, help us out on this one steve

  • I would say that it is Mr Blizzard the Game Developer as it seems to be some kind of orc… like thing (never played WoW)
    I do like Mr Jewel as well, lulz…. family Jewels…
    I don’t REALLY get Mr. Magma though….

  • bidoopoo

    Wait, wouldn’t Mr Commando be nak…Uh never mind, that’s a mental image I could go without.

  • GGörmöööö

    Magma, as in the zeuhl group from France established by Christian Vander?

  • Shaows

    Here are the games they are from:

    Mega Man 5 – Stone Man
    Mega Man 6 – Blizzard Man
    Mega Man 8 – Swords Man, Clown Man
    Mega Man 9 – Jewel Man, Magma Man, Concrete Man
    Mega Man 10 – Commando Man

  • I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s Blizzard the game developer, and a refreshing inclusion to a potentially stale series.

    Also, Mr. Commando wouldn’t be naked. Just NOT wearing underwear…so I’m guessing this is also a clever joke in that he is ONLY wearing underwear.

    Would not have got the Magma reference had someone not posted a link! ^^

  • Otis

    Mr. Commando in his tighty whities, Mr. Sword resembles a certain Hero of Time and Mr. Stone looks mellow.

  • Axle Helios

    Isn’t the whole point of going commando not wearing underwear?

    • Tinq

      They’re not under anything…

  • Stardan

    Well, I do believe my good sir, that these Masters arent just from MM5

  • EqUaTe

    Am I the only one that looks at Mr Magma and sees the Alliance logo from Star Wars? (Rebels/New Republic/Alliance to Restore the Republic/whatever you want to call it) :P

    • McCain

      \o/ I’m not alone!

  • Mr. Game

    huh, i thought that Mr. Magma was meant to represent Magmar from Pokemon, due to the colour scheme.

    after that link i see how wrong i was with that :)

  • Jakk Frost

    Personally, for Mr. Commando, I would have gone without the tighty-whities, but instead put a deliberate “censored” strip or censor pixelation, if only to avoid the apparent confusion, but hey, it’s your comic :)

    As for Mr. Blizzard, I’m pretty sure it’s a WoW reference, maybe an ogre, possibly a naked troll (naked as far as WoW goes anyways), but I could be wrong.

  • Saberlike

    The Magma reference just made this webcomic a little more awesome.