The Miis: Game, Set, Match [ COMIC ]

Only one more Mii comic after this. On a related note, I’m sorry. But that John guy is one ugly dude. Seriously, if you look like that, you are just asking your wife to cheat on you.

Anyone in the Virginia/Washington DC area that isn’t doing anything on Saturday, I’m heading up to MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA. I’m not attending it a guest, just going to check it out for fun. So if you go and you see me there, say “hi!” Granted you guys don’t know what I look like, but I’ll be the 6’6″ nordic looking guy… I hope there aren’t too many of us. Also, Rich Burlew from Order of the Stick is scheduled to be there, too. Added bonus.

That’s about it. Hopefully I will have a little something extra to show you guys on Monday. I won’t tell you what it is, but I will tell you its a secret. Shhhh…