The Mayor’s Back in Town [ COMIC ]

My youngest daughter is really into Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo for her Nintendo 2DS. Technically she just owns the regular copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but with the update they are the same game… I think. My oldest lost her copy of New Leaf and bought a new copy with Welcome amiibo pre-installed. I honestly doubt there is any difference. Never played either version, so I wouldn’t know.

source: Nerd Rage


  • callak _

    I understand this! Not exactly the same, but I have the 1st Animal Crossing and popped in the disc after not playing it for years!

  • Nathaniel Allen Clark

    It technically is the same game, but they added a bunch more to do, a ton of more items, and with the amiibo support move in villagers in and out as you please without doing it the traditional way. Essentially it tripled my typical playtime because of it.