The Legend of Nostalgia [ COMIC ]

I have been playing the hell out of Breath of the Wild. I love trying to climb as high as I possibly can and then paragliding to a place far, far away. Just yesterday I got to one shrine that was subtitled “Moderate Test of Strength.” I then had my ass royally handed to me. After that, I quickly paraglided to another shrine that was subtitled “Major Test of Strength.” I abruptly left. Love this game.


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    丁酉年(鸡)二月十五 2017-3-12

  • Raidi

    So… that Person’s nostalgic for exactely one game of the whole franchise….it’s a little sad

    • SorataYuy

      That’s just what I was thinking, looking at this strip. “Your… nostalgia is rather specific, there…”

  • Mark Schaffner

    I did the exact same thing as you did. Moderate-then-major Tests of Strength and went “no”. All the other shrines are a lotta fun, tho. I also have good gear now and am tempted to try again. Wondering if Guardian Resist armor should actually help against those little guys as well as it does against the big bugs.

    • Miky Long

      Once you get the hang of blocking and dodging, the only real difference in the Tests of Strength is how much HP the Guardian has.

      • Mark Schaffner

        I’ve only recently discovered how true this is. I’ve been having big issues with dodging, but I’ve gotten better at perfect blocking.

        • Miky Long

          That skill alone will make Ganon a cakewalk.

          • Mark Schaffner

            That’s good to know. I’m having too much fun literally wandering around the world to even worry about Ganon yet. It’s funny, it’s a completely different feeling from every other Zelda game I’ve played, where I just moved onto the next thing over and over until I beat it, stumbling on whatever I stumbled on. For some reason I actually want to overturn every stone in this game (and it’s not just because I’m hoping to find a korok). They legitimately pulled me back in with this game, and I’d been pretty tired of it and not even gotten very far in Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess. They felt way too artificially walled off.