The Latest and Greatest [ COMIC ]

A new generation of Pokémon?! But what about the people who haven’t finished the last five?

source: deviantART


  • PrinceJonathan

    I think I’ll wait 6 months for the dsfargeg version.

    Hope the rule 34 is good.

    • Metal C0Mmander

      Oh god damm it I didn’t even think about that until now… But yeah I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who think this generation kinda came early since the last.

      • Cody Shiranai

        Early? We had Diamond and Pearl, Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2 all on DS. This has been the longest cycle ever to the next device.

        2006 with Diamond and Pearl was a LONG time ago and I’m sure the 3DS Kits were in the Gamefreak hands since working on Black (a fact they themselves admit to). So waiting through the Black and Whites were a long way to go to get to this.. what is possibly the most important Pokemon release of all. The first console-graphical-level MAINLINE entry to still remain portable EVER.

        Between this and the Monster Hunter for 3DS coming, Nintendo’s little handheld without Dual-Stick is coming up to be just the thing we wanted in the first place (and we’ll forget all about this goodwill if the 3DS Lite has two-sticks).

    • Sixclaws

      That fennec pokemon is already drowning in a sea of sperm ;3

  • CoolDude

    I’m just gonna wait until Pokemon Nuclear War Version is released. It’ll come in about 60 years

  • David

    I’d start playing Pokemon again but I’m so far behind that I’m sure I’ll just be lost in the plot.

    • Cody Shiranai

      Pokemon has a plot that sticks per Gen? Catch them all, fight the evil organization, collect the 8 badges, beat the Elite Four, beat your Rival.

      Now you can add: Get online and beat up people who spend all day building up HV points and making the game about math instead of fun.

    • David

      I just realised I accidentally made the same joke as Steve… Which is strange because normally I love reading those captions.

  • soapyillusions

    they came out with like 20 games using the classic combat system and there only 2 plotlines ether your stealing pokemons from “evil” people or your beating a evil team trying to take over the world and collecting 8 bages blablabla

    • Triaxx2

      For me the fun was always identifying the typing of the ‘bad guy’ pokemon and then building up someone who could blitz them as fast as possible.