The Joy of PC Gaming [ COMIC ]

Personally, I have never had this problem on Steam. But most of the games I play are smaller indie games and not huge AAA titles. At least on the PC, that’s the case.


  • UraniumRailroad

    The hell is “PC mode”? And what mode was he in before? Console mode?

    • Reaces

      Dualboot Linux.

      • ChaZcaTriX

        Nah, Linux users just start up a VM.

    • Fagballs


      • bdwilcox

        Yes, Mac Bootcamp.

  • prime_pm

    My new computer I bought is a lemon. Constant updates that don’t work; bluescreens; programs that won’t run. I haven’t turned it back on since Spring.

    • bdwilcox

      Back up your data and do a factory system restore.

  • Pilfer

    I tink this actually hapent in consoles too.

    I normally play in pc and i dont have this problem, but in my ps4, that i dont use so often, every time i put on, some actualization come to it