The Gamer Squad [ COMIC ]

The best part of this comic is the actual news articles. Here’s the first one:

Squad of Gamers Recruited to Thwart Alien Threat
Earth’s last best hope for survival comes in the form of three hardcore gamers.

– My whole life has been leading up to this, says the 34-year old squad learder with the gamertag “AlienKillah21234.” As tactical commanding officer of the operation, he put several hours in the ‘X-COM’ series.

– We are exceptionally prepared, having extensive training in hundreds of sim alien invasion series. Additional valuable intel through ‘Resistance,’ ‘Half-Life’ 1-3, ‘Gears of War’ 1-3, other retro games, and stinker ‘Area 51’…

And here is the second article:

No Glowing Weak Spots Anywhere to be Found; Humanity Doomed
No achievements were unlocked in today’s final attempt against the massive alien force.

– Not even a single hit was registered on the alien creatures, who instead went on to completely demolish the entire city.

– His dying words were, “I should have played more games”, before he was instantly burned to a crisp. He also muttered something about accidental “inverted controls”. This was dismissed by the alien creatures who called it a “n00b excuse”.

– Miracously, our newspaper building’s press was somehow not destroyed making this issue possible. However the next issue will have an official statement welcoming our new alien overlords.

source: Optipess