The Dropped Item [ COMIC ]

I do not want to know where that roach was hiding that longsword. Maybe that bug has a bag of holding. Who knows?

This is one of those things that make video games video games and not realistic. How much fun is it, in a role-playing game, that if you kill some slime you are left with a dead slime? Or what about in a first-person shooter where no one ever drops ammunition for a weapon you use? Realism is overrated.

If I wanted a realistic experience of going to a third world country and killing someone I’d join the military or become a mercenary, but if I did that there’s a very strong possiblity that I might get shot and/or killed. That’s the type of realism I DON’T want. Now if you will excuse me I am going to consume a mushroom, grow ten stories tall, and destroy everything in my path.

source: Elven