The Control Alt Delete Theorem [ COMIC ]

Screw Godwin’s law! Here’s Napierski’s law:

“As an online comic becomes older, the probability of complaining about Ctrl+Alt+Del approaches one.”

I find so much humor in the CAD bashing. Fine. There are people out there who have legitimate gripes about CAD and Tim Buckley. But a good chunk of the bitching comes from people who are jealous of what Buckley has achieved. Ctrl+Alt+Del is either the second or third largest webcomic in the world (behind only Penny Arcade or both Penny Arcade and XKCD). That’s nothing to scoff at. And if you don’t think he deserves it, it’s definitely something to be jealous…

(I got a lot of flak for people not completely understanding what I was saying. So let me give you the definition of the word jealous.)

Jeal*ous – adj.

Having to do with or arising from feelings of envy, apprehension, or bitterness.

(Make sense?)

The problem is that every time you complain about Ctrl+Alt+Del on your site or a forum or send someone a link, you are bringing more traffic to the site. Odds are that the people already reading CAD are not reading your blog or if they do, it won’t change their opinion. But since everyone has different opinions, its possible that you gained Ctrl+Alt+Del a new reader by exposing someone to it that may not have been familiar to it before.

What I do if I don’t like another webcomic is nothing. I don’t mention it, I don’t answer comments about it, and I definitely don’t link to it. I promote what I like and not what I don’t. Make sense?