The Allure of Role-Playing Games [ COMIC ]

It gets worse when you learn that only thirty-five people actually participated in the Rockfield Elementary 4th Grade Spelling Bee. Still, seeing a pretty big duck is nothing to scoff at.

source: Facebook


  • tell us more about the duck.

  • PrinceJonathan

    Ha-Ha! What are my accomplishments? Hmm…I’m 26, never finished high school, still live with my mother, no job. Oh but my character in Oblivion has done everything AND became the Daedric Prince of Madness…I think…it’s complicated.

    I did write a mediocre FAQ/walkthrough for a game no one plays a couple months ago. Yes my one great accomplishment, my contribution to society, a crap FAQ for Megaman X Command Mission…I am such a loser.

    What I wouldn’t give to get transported to Cyrodiil for real. I bet me and Marty would have lots of naughty fun.

    • thewood

      Megaman and the Dohvakin have one major thing in common. They both eat the souls of their enemies to gain their powers. Might be a fun mash-up.

      • PrinceJonathan

        Nah I’m not much of a fan of the Dovahkiin’s era. I don’t like how that story starts out with the hero’s head on the chopping block. I’d rather write a self-insert fanfic set in the events of ES:IV so I could use my encyclopedic knowledge of the events to turn the Oblivion Crisis around to where Martin survives, and fix a few other things that could have been easily averted if I my character wasn’t frozen by cutscene incompetence. Oh and teach Marty the Thu’um! He is a dragonborn after all.

        But I’m lazy and can’t write for crap.

        • thewood

          The chopping block thing isn’t that far off the norm. All of the Elder Scrolls games start with you in jail. Skyrim is a brutal game set in a brutal period of Tamriel’s story, and the intro is just a more brutal version of the one you get in all of the ES games.
          I kind of liked it because it made me want to take down the Empire right off the bat, and then when I went to Windhelm and met Ulfric again and saw how much of an ass he was it cemented my neutrality in the civil war. So my first playthrough I didn’t take part in the civil war at all and was very pleased that you could still complete the game without choosing a side.

  • With that result at the spelling bee, I’m wondering if ‘duck’ is also misspelt. Just a thought.