The Ages of Multiplayer [ COMIC ]

The four player age, hands down, was the most fun you could have gaming with your friends. This time frame also includes hauling your rigs over to someone else’s house to have a LAN party. Today, the age of online, just isn’t the same.

Technology has a funny way of keeping us more connected, while keeping us further apart at the same time.

source: Dorkly


  • BigLord

    And this is why I’ll flip every table in my house if SSB4 (at least the Wii U version) doesn’t have a decent online play-with-friends system. That painful lag in SSBB, ugh…

  • sPiN

    Nowadays when me and some friends get together, and have had the patience to haul the PCs (some gaming laptops in the mix too), we end up playing some mmo or moba anyways x)

    Sometimes we DL some nostalgic game and speedrun the shit out of it. “Gabriel Knight” was one of the last ones we did :)

  • Davvolun

    Playing Dark Souls (and Dark Souls 2 shortly) about once a week with a friend of mine from high school that moved to a different state has allowed us to stay connected and remain the best of friends that we never would have been able to be 20 or probably even 10 years ago. Technology is a mixed bag, don’t be so quick to lament. Albeit, I’ve had a ton of fun playing Spelunky with a different friend and handing off the controller every round too. But then, I also had an amazing time watching/listening to the last 3 hours of Bananasaurus Rex’s twitch stream getting the world record in Spelunky while I was at work…besides how much I learned and how much better I am at Spelunky after having watched experts like BRex and others.

  • Phaelin

    Offline multiplayer is about as rare as the Sasquatch these days. Makes gaming with friends and family a pain in the ass.

    • Dragar

      I guess you don’t own a Wii u, every game I own on this console has local multiplayer, it’s half the reason I purchased it.

  • IT

    This trend in gaming is why my friends and I have gotten back into boardgaming. Multiplayer, competitive or cooperative (or semi-cooperative), sitting around a table, talking shit (affectionately) with your friends and having fun.

    And then we go home and blow up monsters on D3.