The 100th Comic: Part II [ COMIC ]

Dueling Analogs gets a decent amount of flak on The Webcomic List. I respect the idea that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it just seems a little jaded. You see, Dueling Analogs has only been on the list for ten months and regularly ranks between number one and three for popularity. It seems as if people didn’t feel it deserved to get that high, that fast. Oh, well…

I want to note, that I slightly changed what Ami wrote on the list. Not the words, but how it was punctuated (me fixing anyone’s punctuation is quite a humorous concept).

In reference to Wednesday’s comic I got a lot of emails telling me that my definition of felching was wrong… but it wasn’t. And if you want to find out why, make sure to head over to the forums.

Make sure to stop by on Friday for the last of the 100th Comic strips as well.