The 100th Comic: Part I [ COMIC ]

This is the 100th Dueling Analogs comic (I don’t count guest strips) and its about the first piece of hate mail I ever received for the strip. Caroline wrote the above message in reference to Dueling Analogs‘ very first comic, Luigi’s Anal Adventure. I wanted to respond to Caroline, but she didn’t include an email address… a trend that future hate mails would follow as well. Whelp, here’s my response… in comic format.

And yes, I use the word felching correctly… here’s why.

Well, in celebration of the 100th strip I am running two more comics this week with some more of my other favorite hate mails/comments. Make sure to come back tomorrow and Friday to see them as well.

Lastly but not leastly, thanks to everyone who has supported Dueling Analogs over the past one hundred comics. Your patronage has helped this strip to grow at an expediential rate and I am greatly appreciative. Thank you.