Team Building [ COMIC ]

My wife shared this comic with me, the other night. I think she is biased towards it, since she is an active member of Team Valor.

source: CHartoons


  • Sigurther

    I don’t even play Pokemon Go and I know that Team Valor rules.

  • Bear Franklin

    I’m on team chaos- i wear blue colors, but today gonna be helping my valor friends paint red horizon to horizon (cause i like how antagonized my gf gets about it (she forbade me to join valor, and this is how i react to it)- so i’ll just help team red win… from inside of mystic.

  • And then they released artwork of the team leaders: Valor and Mystic’s may be fucking, and everyone’s roasting the fuck out of Instinct’s.

  • K7

    So they glorify being a mentally challenged trolling mouth breather?