Tales of the Future Consoles [ COMIC ]

I expect to get the most responses from Playstation 3 owners on this comic. Why?

Well, the Xbox 360 owners will be like, “Yeah, Red Ring of Death. Been there, had that. It sucks. Whatever…” The Wii owners will be like, “That’s stupid. Nintendo would never do that. Wait, does Miyamoto think it’s a good idea? Oh, then I do too. That is so awesome. Must buy one now.” But the PS3 owners will be a little more vocal and rightly so.

I joke on the whole backwards compatibility issue that they either bothers them for lack of or bothers them because I talked about it. And on top of that, the image of the system is just a brick. Though, now that I said something I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t say anything just to spite me.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Funny side note, I actually like my Playstation 3. A lot of you get upset about me joking on Sony and their consoles, but I legitimately enjoy my PS3. Granted I use it as a blu-ray player more than anything else, it’s still a good console. And hell If I had to get rid of any of the current gen consoles I own, it would be my Wii in a heartbeat, definitely not my PS3. Just thought I’d let you know…


  • D

    hilarious. i almost destroyed a clean pair of undies when i saw the ps3 lol. A BRICK! It is genius it is.

  • Rususeruru

    You must have a magic eightball. This is spot on!

  • A.L.

    It’s funny because it’s true,so horrifyingly funny it’s true.PS3 pretty much got transformed into a “useless brick” when Sony decided to kill backwards compatibility on the new version of the system so they could pigeonhole the user base into buying the anorexic PS2 just to play their old PS2 collection,and the PSP Go is closely following suit pretty fast itself.

  • Alexander

    Some of that migth sadly become true..and oh how I wish my girlfriend hadn’t talked me into buying a wii instead of a ps3…how o loath that day..

  • Alexander

    “how i loath that day” sligth slipup

  • Andrew

    “Slight slipup”
    Irony anyone?

  • I laughed when I still saw the brick… and the Wii spherical thing… Now that Nintendo have found a gimmick that works, they are going to work with it but make things more awkward and full of more accessories! And then make a Nintendo line of TVs for you to throw them through….

  • The Borzoi

    I don’t see why so many people complain about the backwards compatibility being removed from the PS3. I have a PS2 I can play those games on and most people that got/are getting a PS3 own or used to own a PS2.

  • Jeff

    I’ve had my PS3 for about 2 years now, and I can count the number of times I’ve wanted to play a PS2 disc on it with zero hands. I’ve never thought to myself, “Wow, I sure wish I could play this old PS2 game, but golly gee my PS3 can’t do it!”. To me, backwards compatibility means nothing, so I don’t care about it one tiny iota. But that’s just me – others are entitled to feel as they want to on the subject.

  • AttackOfTheThumbs

    Just pointing out that “nor Current gen compatible either” is not correct. Drop the either.

  • @AttackOfTheThumbs Corrected. Thanks.

  • Antelieris

    As a 360 owner, I agree with the joke, even though I never got the RROD myself. I have been a victim of the disk ruining problem, though, and I do have friends who have gotten the RROD on their consoles. One of them got it twice on two in two months xP. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft fails epically like that again in their next console, seeing as how they have a reputation of failing for a lot of their products. Blue Screen of Death, anyone?

    As a Wii owner, however, I’ve pretty much stopped thinking of Miyamoto as a video game god. He, like the entire Nintendo company, have stopped caring about the core gamer and focus their time more on the casual gamer. None of his recent ideas have been interesting, and even the games that were once the reason I loved Nintendo are getting a casual treatment with the new Miyamoto created help system. I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, but this casual shit has totally ruined Nintendo for me. I prefer my 360. Oh, and the point I was trying to make, I’m not really gonna like something just because Miyamoto says it’s cool.

    As for the PS3, I don’t own one, but I hope to get one sometime in the next year, seeing as how they’ve finally dropped to acceptable prices. I’ll let the PS3 fans talk about their experiences with that.

  • Ryder

    I don’t comment often on here, but I just had to say, Wii Ni and Wiiii are some of the best vidya related lines I’ve ever heard. Kudos.

    Those are just… perfect jokes.

  • Nemisis Chelonea Gigantus

    And yet… the PC is still the best platform.
    I kid of course.
    It’s only the best if you have the money to pay for all the goddamn ridiculous priced parts…
    And then pay hundreds of dollars for windows…
    Or get a pre-made one for only 20$ less! that’s nearly 1% cheaper!
    And then you’ll have to upgrade it every 2 years!
    But it’s worth it, right?

    If you play valve games on PC? Hell yes.
    More contradictory and confusing posts to come!

  • Nemesis Chelonea Gigantus

    Misspelled me own name, I did!

  • Tinq

    I have a PS3, but not a PS2. Once in a while a game comes along and I say to myself “I wish my PS3 was backward compatible with that.” Then I realize that it doesn’t play PSX games anyway, which cuts out a few potentials (FFVIII) and I have no desire to spend money on what games are still consistently coming out for it. If it plays all the games that I want from the 360 (minus Mass Effect…and there is hope for that) AND Blu-Ray, why not go that route? Not to mention I did see a video of a modded PS3 playing Xbox Games.

    Truth be told, I really don’t mind it.

  • Lax

    @Nemisis Chelonea Gigantus:
    Yeah, you gotta upgrade your PC every so often in order to keep up with the new stuff

  • Ejigantor

    I also have not experienced the dreaded RROD on my 360 – the only problem I’ve had was when I had the console vertical my gf got overenthusiastic during a session of Rock Band and accidentally pulled it over, killing the disk; I do not blame the console for this.

    I’ve seen lots of people complaining about the lack of backwards compatability on the ps3, but I think people are forgetting that the ps2 was the first console ever to HAVE backwards compatability (actually, the GBA being able to play GB games was probably before, I don’t remember the timeline)- you couldn’t play NES games on your SNES, SNES on your N64, etc. Yes, it’s nice that I can play ps1 games on my ps2 – for that reason I didn’t keep my ps1, but if I want to play an n64 game, I don’t complain that I can’t play it on my gamecube, I just put it in my N64. Hell, the 360 isn’t 100% backwards compatible, but any XBOX game I can’t play on my 360 I can still play on my XBOX, and I can use the awesome original controller that everyone mocks but that I love because it’s so comfortable.

    It’s like people complaining that they can’t use their old 5 1/2 floppies in their new laptop- if you want to keep using the software, keep the hardware.

    The saddest thing that happened in my gaming life was when my mom gave away my NES after I got my SNES – she figured I didn’t need it anymore because I had the newer system. I learned from that, and to this day (actually just four days ago) I still play my SNES – Crono Trigger, Super Mario World, Mario All Stars, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, and Mario Cart are my favourites – oh and I’ve still got my SuperGameBoy, so I can play GB games on my SNES. :P

  • raculot

    @Nemisis Chelonea Gigantus

    Seriously? You’ve got to rail on a platform you clearly know nothing about?

    For a lot of us in the real world, we need decently powerful computers to go about our daily lives. While a $300 game console can just play games, an $800 computer can also be used for everything from data crunching, to organizing your life, to editing videos and photos, to 3d modelling, to…browsing webcomics like this one….

    And honestly, even the most “intense” games can be run on fairly moderate hardware today. Also, Windows costs $100 to system builders, not “several hundred dollars”.

    Nobody is demanding that you pay for a crazy graphics card that has a 2% performance increase over a reasonable one. $150 for a decent processor, $100 for a graphics card, ~$60 for a motherboard, $50 for RAM, $100 for a case and PSU, $50 for a hard drive, and $100 for windows. Really, you’re not looking at an unreasonable expense for something that has *actual useful value* beyond just playing games.

    I agree that backwards compatibility isn’t a huge deal, but I know the Atari 7800 was backwards compatible, so I think it stretches back a little farther than just the PS2. I am glad I got my PS3 when I did, though, since having infinite virtual memory cards is nice for those games that just love eating up my save space. I’ve got like 12 memory cards on there now =P

  • MattDark

    Heh, Wii Ni.

    Do you think if they were to do a portable version of the wii, they would call it the Pi Wii?

  • Indigo

    I think the point where you’re supposed to stop mocking it for lacking backwards compatability is when they’re not only adding the Ps2 library, they’re throwing in the damn Dreamcast Library. 2 of the best consoles of all time, all reasonably priced and ready for download… puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

  • krootox1986

    I honestly don’t care about backwards compatibility anymore but thats speaking purely from an xbox standpoint. I think it was private chats and achievements that ruined it for me. When i go online i like to chat with a friend or a group of friends but when you play an xbox original you don’t get any of that. I know my friend has a ps3 but has a 60gb and seeings how he spent all his money on the console and tv he now has to resort to buying ps2 games so i think it was lucky he found a pre-owned 60gb or it’d be as much use as ps4 ;-)

  • Samo

    @ Indigo: Yeah, for a price! :p Other than a few select games, though, I really don’t need backwards compatibility…

    @ raculot: technically, can’t the web enabled consoles do all that now? I know my PS3 can, using google docs / calendar, etc…

    Personally, I’m just playing devils adovocate because I use my PC more than my PS3 to play games :p.

    Also, good comic, and all are true! LOL @ the PS3 brick :)

  • Taroni

    I would have said something about how my ps3 was the most used console in my house last week before the YLOD (Yellow light ;_; right before Demon Souls) a few days after the warranty was up too

  • David

    I’d rather a comment section full of knee-jerk overly defensive complaints than a comic that treats the PS3 as sacred just because its doing horribly (lets face it, it came off the back of the PS2 and failed to utterly annihilate the XBOX 360, that’s an absolute train wreak). :P

  • @David The PS3 is a good system. A big part of the problems with it was that Sony was not pushing the PS3 to play video games, but to win the format war.

    Sony was hoping that if they beat out HD-DVDs that people would be flocking to the PS3 and the blu-ray format like they did with DVDs. Unfortunately, this isn’t DVD. DVDs only required a DVD player to see this new format. Without an HDTV, blu-ray looks just like a DVD. Buy new DVD player: $200. Buy new blu-ray player and an HDTV (big enough to see the difference): $2000 minimum.

    I think they’re failure to plan properly on that front is the true undoing of the PS3.

  • DittoToo

    When did the PS3 come out? 10/2006? Three years later I still have my PS2 plugged in and I still play PS2 games. I don’t even bother trying them on my PS3 anymore.

  • Triaxx

    Couple of weeks ago, I’d have just laughed at the PS3, but Infamous, and Batman have changed my outlook on it.

    As for Miyamoto, he hasn’t been wrong too many times before. And don’t say Wii Music. That was the fault of the fans, expecting another GH or RB knockoff.

  • Triaxx

    Oh, and every one knows the next version will be the Wii Wii.

  • Cody

    gotta say, its true bout the ps3, but just because I can; why?

  • Indigo

    @Triaxx – Virtual Boy. Worst console in history is pretty far wrong. Also, dropping out on Sony, being wimps through and through on mature gamers, letting Rare get away, using cartridges for the N64, not using DVD’s with the gamecube or the Wii….the mans been pretty damn wrong a lot of the time.

  • Miles Tormani


    Miyamoto wasn’t behind the Virtual Boy. The one actually responsible for the VB (who also made the Game Boy) was fired by Nintendo shortly after its huge failure, as I recall. I can’t remember his name because I suck with names. The other ones I don’t think can be blamed directly on Miyamoto either. Iwata is who I’d blame in the case of no DVDs on the Wii. After Wii Fit, though, I gave up on him having fresh ideas.

    My Xbox broke. :< Disc tray screwed up. Thankfully I still have warranty on it. Also, my 80GB PS3 (MGS4 bundle) runs Odin Sphere better than a PS2 does. Guilty Gear doesn’t work at all. Irony.

    I sold my Wii shortly after trying MadWorld and realizing that it was the only game I was actually looking foward to anymore on the system, and found it a severe disappointment.

  • TrunksX

    lol yeah ps3 prick omg yes your so geting shit from sony fanboys for that

  • Jasae

    wow, are people even whining about wii remotes anymore? XD
    the whole webcam paddle falls flat though the name makes up for it XD

  • gelugon2105

    The PS4 being a metaphorical useless clay brick really got me cracking.

  • You know what’s funny? There’s a Playstation2 based series named “Real play”. These games feature diverse sports (… one in each game, there are 5 games in the series, IIRC) which are controlled by motion controls.

    One of the controls is a round ball that looks EXACTLY like your Wiiiimote :P

    And quite ironically, it’s considered the best game of the bunch (not that’s saying much…)

  • Indigo

    @Miles: Maybe so, but Miyamoto is still directly responsible for not ever even attempting maturity in games, even going so far as to say a plot is a frivolous extra (the entire story of a mario game should boil down to “Peach likes Cake”? What the hell?). Nintendo has serious problems shaking its kiddy image, and rather than doing the mature (no pun intended) thing and trying to fix it, it just gave up on gamers who asked for mature storytelling and started hawking minigame compilations.

    Mature doesn’t mean violent, though it can have a certain degree of crossover. Nintendo has no Okami’s, no Ico’s, no God of Wars, no Metal Gears, no Silent Hills (okay, it has one, but given how they never did anything like it again, I’m gonna chalk Majoras Mask up to random chance). Now, neither do Microsoft, but no-one really expects much of them.

    But Miyamoto’s lack of any real respect for plot in a game is merely a showing of his lack of ability to adapt, and ironically why so many people feel Nintendo doesn’t make enough new franchises – he keeps acting like its 1987, and hardcore gamers are still Nintendo gamers. He may have found a market that doesn’t care about plot, or anything resembling a game, but is that really winning, just selling out?

  • Majutsukai

    “The PS4 will neither be backwards compatible nor current-gen compatible.”

    The PSP Go is already doing this.

  • Rockslyde

    It’s funny to me to see all the nintendo fanboys crying about the Wii. I personally have been a computer gamer for years, and have never seen any of the Nintendo systems for serious gaming. The whole Wii thing is pure business genius btw. Instead of catering to a small group of people, (all 10 nintendo fanboys), they decided to cater to the rest of the world. Make money or cater to a few crybabies who haven’t grown up yet. Nintendo did the smart thing.

  • Indigo

    Oh don’t act like they knew what they were doing. The system was launched to be a real gamer system, but due to blind luck, the system iutself twigged with casual gamers. Ninterndo never planned this, much as they will act like they did. They just stumbled into it.

  • David

    @Miles Tormani: When you say your disc tray on your XBOX broke, you don’t happen to mean that it wont open (it sounds like its trying to open, but fails)? For some reason if I turn my XBOX 360 off without a game in the tray, when I turn it back on the tray wont open. If I keep trying every five minutes it will eventually open. If I just keep a disc in there at all times it will open fine every time. Its the strangest thing. I think it started happening with the NXE update, but I can’t really be sure because I typically only take a disc out when I’m putting a new one in.

    @Steve: The other big thing that went wrong is that it ran against the Wii during the launch. The PS1 and PS2 both relied pretty heavily on being status symbols during their launch to drive up the initial install base, and the Wii completely sank the PS3 in terms of being a hip, must have item.
    With the smaller than predicted user-base the awkward game development process was no longer justified, and the console was thrown into a catch 22 situation of needing games to get users, and users to get games. It seems to be pulling itself out of the complete game drought now, but the opening gave Microsoft a window where they could make a solid investment (for a change) and it seems to have paid off. Its going to be an interesting generation to do an autopsy on once its all over.

  • BloodTh

    Haha… PS4… wonder if they’ll make it that far… I’m more of a 360 man. And yeah, I had the Red Ring. What a pain. As for the wii… I will admit to having on, but I won’t admit I think Nintendo is the be-all-end-all. If Sony doesn’t go the way of Sega next, I think it will be Nintendo. Although there are a few good nintendo games, but 99% of the ones I’ll play are from outside developers: the only Nintendo series I actually LIKE are Metroid and Zelda.

  • Fox-Die

    @David: I own the original Xbox, and it does that to me every so often when the disc tray is empty. Looks like a problem Microsoft hasn’t corrected.

  • Indigo

    @Fox-Die: Is there any other kind?

  • Ido

    Actually I think they should make a new “Tales of” with consoles lol just to be funny.

  • Alucard

    MGS 80 GB PS3 wins. I’ve been making love to my PS/PS2 games between fits of PS3 games. I do notice some audio is different most notably in the FF games. Throws me off every damn time.

  • @BloodTh

    I can see where you’re coming from, but umm… you do realize Nintendo is basically winning the current-gen sales competition, right?

  • soooo… ROFLMAO at the guy correcting your cartoon’s grammar… it’s a cartoon, and the internet… I’m sure that the bar for stumbling onto this is pretty low. there is no IQ test for the web; knowing how to type isn’t even a necessity, as long as you use all caps

    …aaaaaaaaand “Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex” for PS2… ’nuff said….

    therefore, the PS4 joke is hilarious.

  • maica22010

    I can totally see that ps4 thing happening and it is for that exact reason that I say… IT IS NOT FUNNY!!! I’ll probly end up getting a ps4 if and when it comes out and I’ll be damned if I have to hold on to my ps2 and my ps3 if I want to play older games since I frequently do and am still looking for some psx games (I’m not naieve enough to believe that all of the older games will be dlc’ed) I will be calling it crap for the rest of eternity!!!

  • Nobody has mentioned the fact that when the PS2 came up with backwards compatibility, it was the greatest thing to hit the gaming market. Because it meant people didn’t have to get rid of their old PS1 games that they spent so much money on over the 5 years the Playstation was around. Granted I didn’t play many of my PS1 games on my PS2 (other than Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy VII, of course that was before Gran Turismo 3 blew the lids off everything else).

    But now here I am with a 360 simply because the price was low enough to grab one. I’m going to get a PS3 eventually (I don’t want to miss out on Gran Turismo 5) But I doubt it will be one of the newer models, I’ll go on the trek to find a large hard drive, backwards compatible model (Can anyone say first generation 160GB PS3?)

    The fact is, people didn’t like backwards compatibility JUST because you could play your old games on your new system, they liked it because it was convenient. Rather than having two consoles taking up precious house space, you could now sell your old console and play ALL your games on the newer single console. It was essentially just a matter of convenience. Sony messed up big time by eliminating this convenience, because I don’t have enough money to go out and spend on not one, but two consoles (My PS2 died last year after 6 good years of service). So this means that if I want to play PS3 games I need to get the PS3, and if I want to play my PS2 games, I need to buy another PS2. Not to mention that somehow I still have to find enough to be able to buy any XBOX games I want.

    Hell the last game I bought was Mass Effect, I haven’t been able to afford to buy anything since.

    And the Wii, I can’t believe people bought that system in the first place, I had a feeling it was going to be nothing more than a novelty, and turns out I may have been right. I mean, where is the logic in the system? “Let’s make a more arcade style motion controlled system for the casual gamer, and completely alienate our core support.” Anyone who was anyone knew that the lightgun was awesome, but that they wouldn’t have wanted to use that as the sole controller for the system. Why? Because motion sensing technology isn’t accurate enough to give you the subtle control you need over the game. The first time I played Twilight Princess on the Wii, I found the controls to be wonky, and inaccurate. I found myself wanting the game cube controller, or hell even the 64 controller, as long as Link would do what the hell I wanted him to do, not an approximation of what the motion sensor THOUGHT I wanted him to do.

    In the end, I think ALL of the console manufacturers are screwing themselves over, rather than giving they user base what they want, the manufacturers are doing everything they can to beat the competition. I think console makers have lost touch of what they set out to do, create a console that people would want to play, and would actually enjoy using; not creating a console that has better specs than the other guy, yet is nothing but a fancy piece of plastic you show to your friends because there isn’t any actual game support (or because you couldn’t afford the 60 bucks for the fancy game to make your shiny console look prettier)