Tales of the Future Consoles [ COMIC ]

I expect to get the most responses from Playstation 3 owners on this comic. Why?

Well, the Xbox 360 owners will be like, “Yeah, Red Ring of Death. Been there, had that. It sucks. Whatever…” The Wii owners will be like, “That’s stupid. Nintendo would never do that. Wait, does Miyamoto think it’s a good idea? Oh, then I do too. That is so awesome. Must buy one now.” But the PS3 owners will be a little more vocal and rightly so.

I joke on the whole backwards compatibility issue that they either bothers them for lack of or bothers them because I talked about it. And on top of that, the image of the system is just a brick. Though, now that I said something I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t say anything just to spite me.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Funny side note, I actually like my Playstation 3. A lot of you get upset about me joking on Sony and their consoles, but I legitimately enjoy my PS3. Granted I use it as a blu-ray player more than anything else, it’s still a good console. And hell If I had to get rid of any of the current gen consoles I own, it would be my Wii in a heartbeat, definitely not my PS3. Just thought I’d let you know…