Take Your Dad To Work Day [ COMIC ]

It could be worse. You could have Ash’s dad.

source: Final Smash!


  • Metal C0Mmander

    Wow that Ditto is trying so hard and could actually be a really good dad… Really makes me feel bad about using him as a reproduction machine all this time.

  • Roam85

    I think my ditto hates me.

    Ditto: Dude, it’s literally a pile of trash!
    Trainer: I know, but I need a Garbador.
    Ditto: Well I guess I should be thankful it’s alive…
    Trainer: About that, I also need a Duskull.
    Ditto: You… sick…
    Trainer: And a cyndaquil.
    Ditto: That’s literally. IT’S ON FIRE!
    Trainer: And I think you can make me a better protean greninja if you breed with the one you just made.
    Ditto: That’s… that’s my offspring. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
    Trainer: …I want to be the very best.

    Day Care Lady: I know you think you’ve been having a conversation, but all that Ditto is telling you is “Ditto ditto ditto.”

  • Tom McQueen

    Who hell would go to the trouble of breeding perfect IVs onto their Lucario, only for it to be Serious? That’s awful.

  • Drezus

    Last panel’s reference: https://matias.ma/nsfw/

  • Mystery Cup of Joe

    Smooth art and animation.