Super Mario Bros. – The “More Likely” Untold Story [ COMIC ]

Interesting concept, but I’m still partial to my version of how Super Mario Bros. really happened.


  • Phaelin

    I expected a more Family Guy punchline of “I was raped. Repeatedly.”

    This comic thankfully handled the whole kidnapped thing much more respectfully.

  • Marcus

    We need more comics about how Mario gets high off mushrooms. This joke never gets old.

    • Nemo

      The entire SMBUniverse is just one NYC plumbers bad acid trip.

    • LBD “Nytetrayn”

      Seriously. It’s the most ingenious, innovative concept ever, and no matter how many times it’s done with absolutely nothing added, it feels as fresh as if it had never been done before.

  • Crofteh

    Even just taking away the bottom row would have made this comic slightly better.