Super Mario Bros. – The “More Likely” Untold Story [ COMIC ]

Interesting concept, but I’m still partial to my version of how Super Mario Bros. really happened.


  • Phaelin

    I expected a more Family Guy punchline of “I was raped. Repeatedly.”

    This comic thankfully handled the whole kidnapped thing much more respectfully.

  • Marcus

    We need more comics about how Mario gets high off mushrooms. This joke never gets old.

    • Nemo

      The entire SMBUniverse is just one NYC plumbers bad acid trip.

    • Seriously. It’s the most ingenious, innovative concept ever, and no matter how many times it’s done with absolutely nothing added, it feels as fresh as if it had never been done before.

  • Crofteh

    Even just taking away the bottom row would have made this comic slightly better.