Suck My Brock [ COMIC ]

I think my explanation makes a little more sense than what “really” happens.

So Monday I did a comic about Yu-Gi-Oh! because when I was sick last week I found my self watching Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s on Cartoon Network. Today’s comic is about Pokémon because I also found myself watching Pokémon DP Galactic Battle on Cartoon Network as well. All I can say about Pokémon DP Galactic Battle is “Huh?”

Keeping the post short today. You want to rant about Pokémon, Pokémon DP Galactic Battle or Brock never opening his eyes please do below. Otherwise, I will see you on Monday.


  • Arcshot

    I cant believe how lazy and childish Pokemon got in the late late reiterations…or is it just that I’ve become that much older? I hope its the former :D

  • Does this mean Brock bet against his own pokémon?

    Oh him…

  • Nentuaby

    Hate to tell ya this, buddy, but it hasn’t changed much over the years.

  • My favorite part of this comic is that Onix is hanging out in a pool spitting water in the final panel.

  • akaiLV

    That would probably make Brock feel a lot better. I mean, the old name of Fake Ultimate Mook ( ) use to be “Level 5 Onix.”

  • Brock is the most asian in Pokemon…. but also started off being at least 16 and decided to hang round with a 12 year old or 10 year old (I think it was 10…) and he is a breeder…. Ew.

  • kirbyrocks

    Onyx is in water… shouldn’t he be dying?

  • tubazo1989

    I caught that Onix in the pool at the end and blew up laughing! I also think you nailed the “Pokebetting” sign.

    Funny as always, but what isn’t funny is the lack of originality in the Pokemon formula. Seriously, we complain when Super Street Fighter IV is coming out because it is basically the same game with few new content, but Pokemon hasn’t changed in years. If it does a leap like what Halo: Reach might do, I might pay more attention, but as is stands………Heart Gold? Soul Silver? Why the remakes? Even the freshest Platinum made me seriously question where this series is going. I may be old, but I remember Pokemon fondly, and have decided that my past is where a lot of games, Pokemon included, belong. Are you excited for DS versions of Gold and Silver Steve?

  • Lonely

    I remember reading in a Nintendo Power back in the day that its only water moves that ground is weak again, not water itself. “So a Sandshrew can take a drink out of a river and not get knocked cold.”

    Only reason I’m thinking about HeartGold is my original Gold died some years ago. I think my Super Game Boy killed the battery. That and Gold was easily my favorite.

    Bitmob said that the next generation my might stray a bit farther from the tradional model than previous generations, but we’ll have to see.

  • Jarrett

    Yeah seeing as how the move is called “bubble” (singular) and not “bubbles of acidic fury” (plural and well…why would a bunch of normal bubbles hurt?), this makes a lot more sense. Also, I love the pokeball chain Brock’s wearing.

  • Jim

    Please enlighten me as I haven’t watched the cartoon in like five years… What the hell does DP stand for? It’s bad enough Pokemon sounds more like the name of a Jamaican porno, but add DP to it???!!!

  • CathickleSquall

    @ Jim: i think it is supposed to stand for Diamond & Pearl but i am not entirely sure as i havent watched the anime since the johto season…

    and i believe that remakes of the old pokemon games make them better, in a sense, because now we get to relive Yellow version, in a way, because now our first pokemon in the party follows you everywhere, which is why i want to get Soul Silver, because silver is my all time favorite

  • Triaxx

    Yeah, DP stands for Diamond/Pearl. As for the remakes, I can only hope it’s because they’re reworking the next games, which have been announced.

    Besides, the reason Pokemon is still going strong, is because we’ve gone from 150 monsters, to just under 500, and every time they add new ones, the strategies change. Besides, they’re on the portable systems, so you can take them with you if you’ve got time to spend between things, and not have to worry about being unable to save like some games.

  • Nicktwolf

    I think it’s sad when they start running out of steam. Personally I had to pick myself off the floor because I have wondered if anyone ever thought of these things. Personally I haven’t watched the show in a long time. I used to love turning pokemon on and then leaving the room so my coworkers would have to deal with it until they found the remote.

  • No wonder Brock never opens his eyes. He’s over poolside getting high as a kite.

  • Darcloak

    You’ve successfully depicted the first Gym battle for probably 85% of us kids playing Red & Blue the first time. God, Brock’s such a joke. ;)

  • TehGoomba

    Is it me, or does Brock’s head in the last panel look pineapple shaped?

  • Captain Rick

    Why fight? Bet, fix, collect, retire.

  • Goofy

    This comic is taken straight forward from another internet comic by Anonymous. You can ask for it in 4chan and similar imageboards, i’ve seen it first in an italian one.

    I love your comic steve, but this time you’ve done it wrong :D

  • @Goofy Goofy, I’m disappointed in you. I don’t copy/rip off other people’s works. I might parody it, but not rip it off. And even if I did, I’m definitely not stupid enough to do it to something that came from 4chan and possibly upset the senior partners. I know much better than that.

    Plus, it’s not like Dueling Analogs is a small webcomic. I rip someone off, it will get around quick. I’m not Nick Simmons… I mean stupid, after all. Most of all, I just think its wrong to do that.

    If someone had already came up with the same idea as me for a game that’s been around for almost 15 years I wouldn’t be too surprised. But any similarities are purely coincidental.

  • Goofy

    I’m sorry if I gave the idea I was accusing you or something. I just meant to say that you had a trite idea!
    After all, webcomics about videogames tend to refer to the same memes, so as you said it is not surprising to see such a repetition… but you’ve done it better than the 4chan one, I’d say.

    Again, I’m really sorry

  • Ron

    to bad in the series now he has a Steelix, Onix evolved man.. lol..

  • CathickleSquall

    @ Ron: he traded out, literaly……damn you brock!!!!!!!