Stroke of Genius [ COMIC ]

Update: Alternate version of today’s comic with words here.

Can’t really blame Chomp Chomp Chain Chomp (Thanks, TheFrunj & BigLord!) for tiring of life. Being chained down to something forever sounds horrible to me too. So in conclusion: Don’t get married ;)

Not the comic I originally mentioned on Monday that I was planning to do. Still working on that one… In my mind.

While on the subject of Super Mario Bros., did you see that the New Super Mario Bros. will be heading to the Nintendo 3DS? [1] And that it might possibly be a 3D remake of Super Mario World as Miyamoto previously spoke mentioned such possibilities. [2] Did you? DID YOU?!


  • Nentuaby

    Of course I knew. First time I’ve actually heard of it, but jeez. New Nintendo. New Mario game. Like… C’mon.

  • David Herbert

    Why is it whenever I see the word ‘stroke’ on the internet I immediately assume masturbation?

    • TecXero

      Really? I always expect some insane epileptic seizure attack video.

    • Ido013

      Because you watch too many pr0n. Go back to books and dictionaries for once ;)

  • Bright Mikal

    Loved the comic! The chomp’s expressions in panel 4 and the last 3 are brilliant!

  • Xarias

    Am I the only one that doesn’t get the last panel? Did he eat Mario? I thought the whole point of the comic was that he’s stuck to the block, therefore his chain isn’t long enough to reach him?


    • bellboy

      He thought Mario was giving him a Poison Shroom. He was suicidal. But Mario tricked with a 1-up instead. So now he has two lives- chained to spot he’s been to forever.
      I’d be pissed too.

      • Shaows

        See, and I thought Mario was gonna give him a regular shroom to become strong enough to break the chain. Anyway @Xarias, the chain is slack in the panels meaning that Chomp still has about a foot of free movement left, placing Mario just within it’s tongue’s reach.

        • Shaows

          And Steve updates the comic while I was typing that comment. >.>

  • Nuckel

    Hm, I don’t think I played a Mario game where you need to feed such a shroom thing to that Chomp Chomp guy… Maybe you should add some explaining lines to make things clear for people like me.

    In other notes I feel reminded to this:

  • TheFrunj

    I always thought it was Chain Chomp :P

    He looked almost like Kirby in the tenth panel. N’aww.

    • BigLord

      Isn’t that an actual Chain Chomp?… Whoa, I had to go visit the Mariowiki to check it out, heh. Still, the joke still would’ve worked for a Chain Chomp, ‘stead of a Chomp Chomp.

      PS: Yes, Nuckel’s right. That cut-away gag is very popular (and many times, equally funny)

  • Randomgamerdude

    Poor Chain Chomp. Maybe Mario should have gotten a power star instead?

  • Anonymous

    Is there any chance you could post a link to the original? The comic doesn’t feel right with the text added. IMO anyway

    • I agree. I switched them back out and linked to the worded version in the post.

  • Jim LaFrin

    What is he hitting him with in panel 5? I’d like to think it’s his hand but am too dirty minded to see it.

    • Funny. No it’s his hand patting Chain Chomp’s head. Though your version gives the entire comic a new meaning.

      • PorkRoll

        Super Mario Chaps

      • patrick

        Especially with Mario’s face in the next image.

  • Blab?

    If you stand by the chain chomps long enough in SMB3 they eventually break free.

  • opblaashaas

    Actually it’s first appearance was in Link’s awakening afaik. Was called a Bow wow in there…
    Nintendo later re-used it in mario games