Still My Hero [ COMIC ]

I now expect to hear Bette Midler belting out “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?”

Personally, I think that some version of Crash Bandicoot should be hidden in every game that Naughty Dog creates. Maybe he’s a stuffed animal in one, a t-shirt, poster, television commercial, or maybe part of the map like Max’s head was in Star Wars: Dark Forces.

Max Map in Star Wars: Dark ForcesMax, from Sam & Max, head is part of the map in Star Wars: Dark Forces

Nonetheless, a Crash Bandicoot in every game. Naughty Dog, make it so.

source: deviantART


  • Claude-F.

    Aaaah I’ve started replaying the first 3 crash this week, this comic was just in time! :)

  • Guest

    Max in Dark Forces 2 was a crazy easter egg. He shot me full of holes for no reason except I accidentally shot his face.

    Crazy rabbit.

    • TheyCallMeTomu


    • The Great Klaid

      That’s Outlaws actually…is what I was going to say until I looked it up. Holy hell I never knew that. He’s in Outlaws too. In the bonus game, where you’re training to be a Marshal, after you hit a rank of Marshal you unlock a door, which opens another level and Max is at the end. Singing a dirty version My Bonnie lies over the sea

  • Blip

    Wasn’t Max also in “Doom” as easter egg? Only reachable with the IDclip cheat.

    • The Great Klaid

      No that’s Commander Keen you’re thinking of. And it wasn’t the idclip cheat it was a secret level. Or John Romero was reachable with idclip. But that seems really far off.

  • 21michael

    Would love that, right now it’s the egg from the Jak and Daxter series they normally use, Crash would make sense since he could be a plushie or something