Stereotyping [ COMIC ]

I can start off this post by taking part of a line from Avenue Q‘s song entitled Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist:

…may be uncouth, But you laugh because they’re based on truth!

If you’ve never heard the songs from Avenue Q, you’re lying. Or at the very least, you’re mistaken. As a gamer, there is a pretty strong possibility that you have already seen a certain video that I am embedding below featuring some World of Warcraft avatars singing about the World Wide Web. The song in it that video is from Avenue Q.

“Oh! The Internet is really, really great!”

Not quite sure how a comic about keys from a keyboard and stereotypes turned into me talking about Avenue Q, but oh well. It happened.

source: Wrong Hands


  • jnite

    I get the Shift being Capitalist part, but the Alt being a Hippy part of the joke is going over my head. Anyone willing to help?

    • LW

      Because the Alt is Alternate which can be Hipster or Hippy.

      • jnite

        I never heard of Alternate being a slang term for a Hippy. That’s where the disconnect was. Thanks.

    • Matthew


    • Jsuelieta

      I like to use alt-codes for certain things, especially when someone says “Soon™”. What are alt-codes? You’ve probably never heard of them.

      • Oh NO!

        alt-codes are a godsend when I need to type in Danish on non-scandi keyboards. It’s not necessarily quick, but having access to æ, å, and ø without having to copy and paste or something is wonderful.

  • Phaelin

    I went to see Avenue Q twice with my wife. Such good. Very entertain. Much laugh!