Sportal Enemies

Sportal Enemies

Sportal Enemies

by Steve Napierski to Comics

You gotta remember that Mario is from New York. Everyone acts the same way as King Koopa there. So it’s not big deal to him. Plus, it’s go karts.

source: deviantART
  • yue

    and gold, and tennis…

    • yue


  • oldtaku

    He’s got you penciled in for kidnapping again next month anyhow.

  • thewood

    Plus, if Bowser ever stopped kidnapping the princess, Mario would have to go back to being a normal plumber. He probably arranges the kidnappings so he can stay in the Mushroom Kingdom and eat more Toad-babies.

  • qwerqsar

    Mario is a real good sport. I mean, what character does forgive the misgivings of the other and invite him to play? Certainly Peach is just being jealous.

  • PrinceJonathan

    I think I remember seeing this on the TVtropes page “Go Karting with Bowser”.