Some Kind of Toadstool [ COMIC ]

Where is my Super Mario Bros./Pokémon crossover? And games from the Super Smash Bros. series don’t count.

Here’s my million dollar idea Nintendo, the game is called Super Poké Land and stars Mario who is trying to prevent Bowser from conquering a world in inhabited by Pokémon. Mario must battle not only Bowser’s usual army of baddies, but also various Pokémon that Bowser and his cohorts have captured from the region. Fortunately, Mario still has his ability to suit up and this time all of his suits are based on different Pokémon creatures.

So, what do you think? It’s definitely not fleshed out completely, but I feel the premise is sound.

source: Iguanamouth


  • Tatsurou

    I’d play that game. Could be tons of fun, especially if fighting the captured Pokémon was done in the style of a Pokémon battle.

    Mario’s four attacks:
    Bounce – Normal type
    Hammer – fighting type
    Fire – fire type
    Spin – Psychic type

    And ‘fire’ is swapped out depending on what suit/power up you have.

    If you have a cape, It becomes Fly.
    If you have an ice flower, it becomes Freeze.
    And so on and so forth.

    • Dude, a Super Mario RPG / Pokémon crossover.Now that would be epic!

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Except, how the hell would Bowser conquer a land full of pokemon? He’d get his shell kicked the first time he meets a Charizard! Well, maybe not.

    Although really, what is Bowser other than a pokemon that can talk? He’s basically Meowth.

    • JCAll

      Bowser is way bigger than a Charizard, even before any giant magic shenanigans.
      Blastoise, maybe, but Charizard has no chance.

  • Personally I want to see a Pokemon version of “Space Station Silicon Valley”. Remember that game? On the N64? You take over robotic animals, fight other robot animals, then take them over to complete various missions.

    NOW IMAGINE THAT WITH POKEMON! Each one has 4 unique attacks, and to gain access to certain areas you need Pokemon with different movement modes and whatnot. It would be an action adventure game with puzzles you can solve in different ways (depending on the Pokemon you choose to use) and you can battle other wild Pokemon to switch bodies with them once they’ve fainted. It would be a crazy cool game and I’ve wanted it to be made for about a decade.